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Chancellor Philip Hammond isolated in predicting Brexit will be bad

We have been warned by the BBC that Philip Hammond thinks Brexit will be bad for the UK economy.  What do other sources of economic “wisdom” predict?

The IMF Predicts the UK will have some of the strongest growth in European big 5 after Brexit:

The World Bank in its Global Economic Prospects Predicts the UK will outperform the Eurozone:

Even HM Treasury in its Forecasts for the UK Economy predicts: growth will be good:

This time around Hammond is alone on the International stage in trying to spread fear and despondency. The IMF and others are not lying like they did in June 2016, they do not want to lose face again, although Lagarde has backed up Hammond’s deliberate confusion about the benefits of total GDP vs GDP per head.  Who can doubt that Hammond is fearmongering?  Who can doubt that the BBC is biased?

The BBC propagated Hammond’s deception of quoting National Total GDP rather than GDP per head.  Obviously total GDP will be less if we do not overpopulate the country with EU migrant workers but GDP per head will probably be higher and we will all, individually, be richer.  This was the BBC’s propaganda graph:

Obviously these scaremongering figures are just propaganda, “no deal” would allegedly reduce UK GDP by 0.6% per annum (9 divided by 15), a variation in GDP that could be accounted for almost wholly by reduced EU migrant workers and hence it would not affect UK GDP per head and does not make us poorer:

No-one can predict the state of the economy in 15 years time but there is no doubt that a WTO Brexit that would allow the UK to tackle its appalling trade deficit with the EU and will improve the UK economy immensely:

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  1. Isaac Anderson

    Any benefits at the same time as Brexit are entirely due to Mark Carney’s expert knowledge and the way he has masterfully planned the economy while we Brexiteers have been ruining the nation…