Saturday , May 25 2024

Our Proposals

While our manifesto is under development, many of our goals are below. You can find explanations and articles on many of our goals here in the blog post announcing the creation of the CRCC.

Visas and Movement of People

  1. Create a CANZUK single economy (Free movement of persons, goods, capital and services) as proposed by Canzuk International
  2. Create a “Special Passport Area” among the Realms for ease of travel
  3. Cease making holiday and business visas a de-facto “Tourist Tax”
  4. For the UK to grant all Commonwealth Nations access to the £87 two year visa system currently offered to Chinese citizens
  5. Create a standardised visa system for Commonwealth Nations

UK Policies

  1. For the UK to pledge to set aside from its Foreign Aid Budget to replace any shortfall in EU aid to any developing Commonwealth nation following Brexit
  2. For the UK to split the Foreign & Commonwealth Office into two separate departments, to ensure special treatment for our Commonwealth Allies, be they Realms, Republics or other monarchies
  3. Create a UK Commission to assist developing Commonwealth Realms & other nations to sign ‘Trade & Development Treaties’ with the UK, paid out of the foreign aid budget

Commonwealth Summits

  1. Hold CHOGMs – Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings – on an annual basis for closer co-operation
  2. Hold Commonwealth Foreign Minister Meetings (“CFMMs”) on a regular basis to discuss foreign affairs and create a more cohesive set of foreign policies


  1. Hold Inter-Commonwealth Trade & Business Fairs designed to emphasise the ease and benefits of inter-Commonwealth trade and investment to aid companies to export and expand into other Commonwealth Nations. The organising of these events could eventually be granted to a ‘Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce’, mirroring the institution in many Commonwealth nations
  2. Attempt to standardise – on a purely voluntary  international and intergovernmental basis – regulations for businesses, products, and services across the CANZUK Nations, Realms and later the entire Commonwealth to further ease trade and mobility
  3. Reduce Tariffs and Non-Tariff Barriers To Trade between Commonwealth nations, beginning with CANZUK, economically open nations such as Singapore and Malaysia, and the Realms.
  4. Encourage the development of a network Economic Partnership Agreements and Free Trade Agreements between Commonwealth Nations
  5. To replace, if necessary, all EU funding in the LAPCAT A2 hypersonic aircraft project by Reaction Engines and invest in transportation technology to improve connectivity and employment across CANZUK, the Realms and the larger Commonwealth

Human Rights

  1. To emphasise, and tackle head-on the Human Rights crisis in the Commonwealth
    1. Campaigning for the repealing of all draconian “blasphemy laws” in Commonwealth Nations, such as Pakistan
    2. Ending violence and discrimination on all grounds


  1. Improve the security of small and developing Commonwealth nations by creating a written a ‘Commonwealth Collective Defence Agreement’ to legally codify de-facto Commonwealth policy. Similar to NATO’s Article Five this will declare that if any one member of the agreement is attacked by a foreign state or non-state actor, all other members will treat it as an attack on themselves. This will grand greater security to nations such as Belize and dependencies such as the Falklands Islands, both under threat of annexation
  2. Propose the creation a “Commonwealth Defence Treaty Organisation”, similar to, but not as ambitious as NATO. This could be formed around the CANZUK nations in the Five Eyes Agreement, Singapore and Malaysia from the Five Powers Defence Agreement and any other Commonwealth nation that wished to join. Members may be protected by the UK’s Trident nuclear defence system, similar to the US “Nuclear Umbrella” scheme
  3. Offer to expand the Five Power Defence Treaty to include India
  4. Improve intelligence sharing between Commonwealth Nations, including
    1. Caribbean member-states in connection with the UK’s counter-narcotic operations
    2. India, Kenya and Nigeria in the fight against radical & fundamentalist Islamist terrorist groups allied with IS
  5. Conduct more military exercises with Commonwealth nations, including the major powers (including CANZUK, India, Singapore and South Africa) and minor ones (Nigeria, Guyana and Kenya)
  6. Enact the proposals by the Commonwealth Exchange for Defence Policies
    1. Create the “Commonwealth Defence Forum”
    2. Create a “Commonwealth Military Scholarship”
    3. Increase the size of the “Commonwealth Officer Exchange Program


We welcome all suggestions and comments submitted below, via the ‘Contact’ option above or on the Daily Globe’s social media platforms. If you wish to join, support or write an article, please see the ‘Help Us’ page, or click on the ‘Write For Us’ option at the top. Thank you for your assistance; together we will strengthen Commonwealth, Realms and CANZUK relations.