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Hamas is the enemy of Gaza, Israel, and Peace

This war has nothing to do with the Arab-Israeli Wars. Whatever future peace in the Middle East looks like it cannot contain the Hamas terrorist group. Hamas is an internationally acknowledged terror group whose constitution requires the annihilation of Israel. Since coming to power in Gaza, they have used their own people as human shields in their inhuman campaign to murder, rape, kidnap and terrorise all Israelis regardless of ethnicity.

In 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza. It emptied the settlements and handed the entire strip over to the PA. It asked for nothing in return. A temporary blockade to ensure weapons didn’t enter was planned for two years. As soon as Israel could be confident the new independent Gaza would not be a threat, it would be lifted.

It was the perfect example of Land for Peace.

In the one and only election, held in 2006 Hamas won. They then turned on and militarily defeated the Palestinian Authority. After wiping out their internal opposition, they prepared for a terror campaign against Israel, the West, and Jews all over the world.

Israel responded by requiring all goods shipped to Gaza to go through Israeli security checks first to ensure weapons were not being smuggled in. Aid continued to flow in. Israel provides water and electricity to the region.

In 2021 Hamas proudly announced they rejected an Israeli offer to lift the blockade on the condition of a long-term truce. As of 2022, they had fried 18,000 missiles at Israeli civilians.

Both Egypt, which controlled Gaza from ’48 to ’67, and the Palestinian Authority, led by their president Mahmood Abbas support the blockade.

All this summer, Hamas leadership have been in Moscow, working with their Russian, Syrian, and Iranian allies. Hamas gave full support to Russia’s unprovoked and brutal invasion of Ukraine. President Zelensky was the first to express solidarity with Israel after the details of this unfathomable terror attack became known. The Islamic Republic of Iran funds and supports Hamas just as they provide arms for the Russians, and funneled Taliban weaponry to the Gaza Strip.

For there to be any chance for peace, Hamas needs to be removed from power in Gaza. Not just for Israel, but for the Gazans themselves. They build rockets out of donated water pipes, and warheads out of fertiliser donated to feed their starving people. They fired these rockets at Israeli cities within the ’67 Armistice line. They fire them from schools, refugee camps, mosques and outside heavily populated UN facilities.

None of the murdered men, women, children and holocaust survivors last Saturday were “settlers”. None of the villages targeted were beyond the Green Line.

All of the babies beheaded, the elderly tortured to death, and all the kidnapped women being gang raped lived inside internationally acknowledged Israeli borders. They weren’t murdered because they were settlers.

They were murdered because they were Jews. The Bedouin and Druze who tried to help the victims were massacred because they were Israeli citizens and helping the Jews.

Hamas has made its position clear: Israel ceases to exist and its people killed, or Hamas is destroyed. For there to be any chance of any form of peace in the region, the latter is the only option. And in the interest of justice and peace, the world must support Israel and demand the release of the kidnapped and the end of Hamas’ rule of terror. Not just for the sake of Israel but for the sake of the Gazans too.

Every Gazan child deserves to go to a holiday camp where they are not taught how to slit the throats of the Jews. Every sick Gazan deserves the right not to have missiles stored and launched from the hospital where they are treated.

Genocidal regimes must be destroyed, including for the sake of their people. The Nazis had to be defeated for the sake of the Germans and European Peace. Hamas must be removed from power for the sake of the Gazans and Middle Eastern Peace.

But the most terrifying thing of all is the parades of people in the West supporting Hamas. Supporting the genocide of Jews, cheering the beheading of babies, celebrating torture and rape, and calling it the natural & appropriate response.

What possible crime can there be, for which torturing innocent infants to death is appropriate?

How can so many people seem to think so?

And what does it say about the West? How have we managed to betray civilians on both sides of the Gazan fence so spectacularly?

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Isaac K Anderson is a travelled political science graduate with an interest in history and CANZUK, Realms & Commonwealth Affairs.

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