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Thank you for Brexit Day

The day is finally upon us. Today, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland leaves the millstone of the European Union and steps forward a free nation into the world. Today, history is made.

Here at the Daily Globe, we could not be happier. As our readers know, we have been campaigning for Brexit since our founding in 2015 – and have offered hundreds of articles making the case for British independence. To quote our very first article:

Here at Daily Globe, it is our goal to help persuade the public and policy makers to make correct decisions and encourage Great Britain to be a leading force for good in the world…the place for the UK to succeed and do the most global good is outside the European Union. The globe needs the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland perhaps more now than ever before.

We still believe that. The time for global Britain is now – and as Canadian Brent Cameron wrote earlier this week and as this website has been campaigning for years now through the Commonwealth, Realms, & CANZUK Campaign – there is a wealth of opportunity out in the world beyond Europe. Friends old and new, but especially the nation’s traditional friends, are ready for Britain to engage and lead in years to come.

But today is a day to reflect on how far we have come and those we should credit for this monumental accomplishment. We should thank Margaret Thatcher for re-awakening the Eurosceptic spirit through the Bruges speech and standing up against the ERM. We should thank rebellious Tory MPs like Sir Bill Cash, Steve Baker, and Theresa Villiers who rebelled against Maastrict, forced the Cameron government to hold the referendum, and got him to agree to not enforce collective responsibility during the EU Referendum campaign – and who defeated Theresa May’s Brexit submission deal with the EU three times and ultimately deposed her as Prime Minister. Without brave Conservative MPs we would still be stuck with Theresa May  – and likely still in the EU whether in name or not.

Of course then there are the big two, perhaps the two relay racers who are most responsible for Brexit – Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. Nigel Farage, through the forming and leading of UKIP, made wanting to leave the EU a mainstream position to hold. It was Cameron and his party’s fear of Farage that led him to offer the EU referendum in the first place. It was Farage’s Brexit Party, that after smashing the Conservatives at the European elections, caused Theresa May to resign and ultimately be replaced by Boris Johnson.

As for Boris Johnson, if Farage started the race, Boris finished it. It was Boris Johnson who in the 1990s in his Daily Telegraph columns exposed the British people to the lunacy and corruption of the European Union. It must be said that without Boris leading the Leave campaign in the EU Referendum, and his ability to reach voters of all shapes, sizes and persuasions, that the referendum would likely have not been won by Leave. Then, after the tragedy of the May premiership (which should have been his had not Michael Gove knifed him in the back), it was Boris who stood up for Brexit against an odious democracy-denying Parliament, who expelled the EU-phile rot from the Conservative Party, who stood firm and got a new and better deal from the EU, and who ultimately won an election with a stonking majority that has delivered Brexit today. To Boris, Nigel, and all the other passionate Eurosceptics who campaigned through the years: we are eternally grateful.

Ultimately, however, the true credit for Brexit day lies with you, the steely, wonderful British people.

Leo Tolstoy, in the epilogue of his tome War and Peace wrote: “All man’s strivings, all his impulses to life, are but strivings towards greater freedom. Wealth and poverty, fame and obscurity, power and submission, strength and weakness, health and sick, education and ignorance, work and idleness, satiety and hunger, virtue and vice are nothing but greater or lesser degrees of freedom.” And so with the British people. The British people, despite the years of onslaught of lies and attempts at intimidation from the establishment, before and after the referendum, stood firm in striving for freedom. As Churchill said, the people did not falter and did not fail. The people kept a dream alive and voted again and again, through a referendum and general elections, to achieve the dream of British freedom again. And today, finally, they will have it.

Take a bow British people, thank you. Today is your day. Happy Independence Day.

About Ted Yarbrough

Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.

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