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Boris is doing what Cameron couldn’t

Two weeks ago Labour thought they had all but sealed not only victory in the then-upcoming Hartlepool by-election as well as Local Government Elections with their “Tory Sleaze allegations.” They also firmly believed that they had politically wounded Boris Johnson. However, for those who have followed Johnson’s career, it is …

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Thank you for Brexit Day

The day is finally upon us. Today, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland leaves the millstone of the European Union and steps forward a free nation into the world. Today, history is made. Here at the Daily Globe, we could not be happier. As our readers know, …

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Coalition Possibilities

Currently, I am hoping for a Conservative majority. But with only 9 days left before the election and polls still very tight, a hung parliament looks to be the most likely outcome of the May election. Therefore, I thought I would run down coalition possibilities and give my opinion on …

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