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Thank you for Brexit Day

The day is finally upon us. Today, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland leaves the millstone of the European Union and steps forward a free nation into the world. Today, history is made. Here at the Daily Globe, we could not be happier. As our readers know, …

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Bercow and Brexit wreckers deserve no respect

In his latest and most outrageous Remainer antic, Mr. “Bollocks to Brexit” Speaker John Bercow decided to defy parliamentary procedure, precedence, and his own clerks’ advice to approve arch-Remainer Dominic Grieve’s anti-Brexit amendment. This amendment was approved without debate. To read a good analysis of the outrageous and damaging nature and …

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Cameron’s insult to Parliament, Britain, the EU and others

David Cameron yielded to pressure to face the Parliamentary Liaison Committee on the afternoon of 4th May. The committee Chair had previously written to express disappointment that he did not intend to face the committee. Proceedings can be seen here. Following his earlier admonition of the Leader of the opposition about …

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