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Welcome to Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Assuming there is not a major upset hours after the publication of this article, Boris Johnson will have won the Conservative Party leadership election and will be soon become Prime Minister. The Daily Globe has long been a supporter of Boris Johnson, supported him in the Conservative leadership election, and we look forward to supporting him as Prime Minister.

The task facing Mr. Johnson is daunting. He has to deliver Brexit on time by October 31st – and not the Brexit in name only Theresa May negotiated (surrendered) to the European Union. He has to unite a party split by internal divisions and that is staring down the barrel of possible extinction at the hands of the Brexit party due to the reckless self-indulgent behaviour of its Remain supporting MPs – most notably Prime Minister Theresa May. And he has to reverse the mood of malaise, the “hamster wheel of doom” as he aptly calls it, brought upon the nation by Theresa May’s vision-less, rudderless, nannying, wet centrist leadership. Boris will truly need the strength and stamina of his idol Winston Churchill to see through this task.

Boris’ mission will go beyond simply delivering Brexit – though that remains his immediate priority. He must cheer up the nation and get Britain to believe in itself again – the belief the people of Britain voted for when they voted for Leave three years ago. He must bring back the belief in enterprise, free market and liberty that thrived under Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, was half re-embraced by the Cameron government but has been abandoned by May and her equally miserable Chancellor Philip Hammond. Finally, he must get Britain to be truly global again – and that means ending the euro-centric obsession of White Hall and reengaging with CANZUK, the Commonwealth, the US and the wider world.

Unlike the media bubble who despises Boris, the British people connect with him. They are attracted to his sense of fun, optimism, and adventure. This is exactly what Britain needs, but Boris will need good people around him to help guide the UK through this testing time. Our hope is that he will have a Chancellor like Liz Truss who truly believes in liberty and free markets and will free up the UK economy accordingly. Hopefully too he will have the sage advise of Jacob Rees-Mogg to navigate the parliamentary mind field ahead in fighting off Continuity Remain MPs. He can also use the help of other great MPs such as Priti Patel, Steve Baker and Iain Duncan Smith – all of the above who encouragingly have been close to Boris Johnson during the leadership campaign.

The past three years have mostly been wasted. True Parliament passed the Withdrawal Act to put Brexit on the statute books, but the people’s vote has not yet been honoured. It has been three years of humiliation, failure, and misery for the nation and the Conservative Party (thanks Michael Gove). Luckily however, probably due to Jeremy Corbyn’s ineffective leadership, there is still hope for a proper Brexit and fulfilling the promise of 2016 and a brighter future. Boris showed in London what a great success optimistic, modern and yet free market conservatism could be – now he must bring it to the nation. Welcome Prime Minister Johnson, it’s time inspire your country and take it forward.

About Ted Yarbrough

Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.

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  1. Well said Mr Yarbrough. Boris got 66% of the vote today giving him a strong mandate in the party.

    • Ted Yarbrough

      Thank you John! & I agree. With the mandate of the party members, and of the majority of MPs, the Conservatives need to get behind Boris and get independence over the line.

  2. Adam Hiley

    good riddance Mother Theresa and Hammond