Tuesday , May 28 2024

Savanah Dickinson

Savanah is a 21-year-old university student and young professional. She is organised, optimistic and aiming to make a difference. She guides her fellow yopro’s with her blog, Trials & Tribulations of a Young Professional, providing her own tips and tricks to making it in the adult world. Savanah has been published in numerous publications including American Airlines's in-flight magazine, American Way, and by her university's newspaper, The Daily Reveille.

Newbies to networking: part III

It doesn’t matter how much you network if you’re incapable of speaking well about yourself. There’s a gray area between being humble and bragging. An elevator pitch lives in that state of limbo.  To quote The Help: “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” Each person has a unique story …

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Newbies to networking: part II

In “Newbies to networking: part I,” I tried to light the networking fire within you. Now it’s your turn to take action. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from your peers or work colleagues. This may surprise you, but people want to help you. Deep down, most people have a desire to be …

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Networking for Newbies

I am not a networking professional. Talking to complete strangers is a challenge for me, and I’m not alone. Millennials and members of Generation Z often find it difficult to put themselves in potentially awkward situations, especially those in person. We seem to have an instinctual fear of being found …

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Stumble until you find something

The first step is admitting you have a problem. I, Savanah Dickinson, suffer from a chronic fear of eating alone. Yes, I said it. I absolutely despise eating by myself in public places.   Since I’ve moved to D.C., I’ve been faced with the predicament of being hungry while wandering …

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Pet peeves of public transportation

As a newbie to the world of public transportation, the last few weeks of riding the Washington, D.C., metro have taught me many things. There is proper public transportation etiquette each passenger should follow. This learning curve threw me for a loop but I think I’ve finally got the hang of it. …

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Housing hunt

The housing hunt is the bane of any young professional’s existence. First, you have to find a suitable new home. Second, you need to find roommates (and hopefully ones you can avoid killing during your twelve month lease). Third, you have to pack all of your stuff and somehow move …

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How to #win your first day on the job

With day one of my internship in the bag, here are some tried and true tips: Give yourself time Like lots of time. You can’t risk making a bad impression on the first day. I live in constant fear of being tardy. But being chronically early is its own kind of …

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Tools to be a #YOPRO

To be a young professional, you must A) envision success, B) actively strive for your goals and C) surround yourself with positive influences.  Okay, I know these are really abstract ideas. I’m not going to spend the time trying to tell you how to visualize success because I’m not qualified. BUT, I …

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Do’s & don’ts of travel

Bleary eyed, I jetted to Washington D.C. on a 6:45 flight from Dallas’s Love Field airport. Although I may have been scraping sleep from my eyes, I noticed a few things as I made my way through the mobs of people ready to jet set early this morning.  I like …

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