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Pet peeves of public transportation

As a newbie to the world of public transportation, the last few weeks of riding the Washington, D.C., metro have taught me many things. There is proper public transportation etiquette each passenger should follow. This learning curve threw me for a loop but I think I’ve finally got the hang of it. Here are some tips for your next trip on the train.


1. The escalator to/from the metro underworld is not a place to converse with friends. You stand on the right and walk on the left. There is no room for clumping up in chatty groups. Frustrated people in business attire will run you downmercilessly. 


2. When you eventually get onto the train, DO NOT TAKE SELFIES. I understand snapping the quick picture to your friend, but the train car is not your runway. One middle-aged man decided he had found the perfect selfie lighting in the middle of a packed train car just the other day. He proceeded to take selfie after selfie with varying facial expressions. Everyone watched, amazed this person would publicly embarrass himself. Yet, he seemed unfazed.


3. On a similar note, please do not take pictures of your fellow metro passengers. I don’t care how badly you want to capture the moment everyone crammed themselves into the metro car like sardines. I do not want my picture on your phone. Moral of the story: Avoid taking pictures on the metro.


4. Wear a medical mask to ensure some personal space on the metro. This one woman had a whole row of seats to herself because she had the brilliant idea of wearing a mask on the metro. An innocent onlooker probably assumed she was carrying a contagious pathogen. I knew better.


One point for masked lady.


5. When you ride the metro while wearing a dress or skirt, make sure you properly tuck it beneath you. There is no greater fear than having your bum touch the seat of a train car. Take it from me. I’ve learned my lesson.

This post was originally published by the author 25 September 2016:

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