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British Volunteer Hackers Build a Missing Persons Platform for Ukraine In 72 Hours

A team of volunteers from the hacking group and browser isolation cybersecurity startup worked nonstop for 72 hours to build a missing persons platform for Ukraine to help Ukrainians displaced by conflict find their missing loved ones. 

The missing persons platform is, De Ty means ‘Where Are You?’ In Ukrainian.

The volunteer team of British engineers built DeTy at the request of the IT Army of Ukraine who are working to defend Ukraine against cyberattacks from Russia. With close to two million people displaced by the conflict building a missing persons platform became a key focus and British volunteers rushed to lend their skills to build the platform. founder Guise Bule said today “I am deeply proud of the team behind DeTy, they have worked tirelessly to build this platform. People like David Tran-Dinh, Chris LeGrant, Adrian Kwitkowsky, Charlie Crane, Kate Larson, Andrea Menin and Sophie Missenden collaborated to ship DeTy in record time, and they built it to be fast, scalable and secure.”

The Editor of Secjuice, Mars Groves, said today “Our team at Secjuice wanted to get involved in the cyber war against Russia when the IT Army of Ukraine asked us to help, so we chose to build a missing persons platform rather than break the law and hack Russians, Secjuice members are all professionals working for reputable firms after all, not script kiddies”.

A cofounder of, Ryan Miller said today “We dropped what we were doing and immediately jumped on this project, our boss so he gave us all time off to work on this. We worked really hard, we worked all weekend, we are really proud, and we hope to help millions of people find their loved ones over the coming months.”

DeTy launched in five languages and will be disseminated on the ground by the Ukrainian IT Army, a group of volunteers from the IT world who are working to help Ukraine.

If you would like to reach additional contact information to reach DeTy, please reach out to them or the Daily Globe directly.

About The Ukrainian Missing Persons Platform

Де Ти? Where Are You? Is an easy to use and multilingual website that lets Ukrainian missing persons register themselves and lets their loved ones easily find them. Based in London, England, DeTy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding missing people in Ukraine and helping connect families.

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