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Do’s & don’ts of travel

Bleary eyed, I jetted to Washington D.C. on a 6:45 flight from Dallas’s Love Field airport. Although I may have been scraping sleep from my eyes, I noticed a few things as I made my way through the mobs of people ready to jet set early this morning.

 I like to consider myself an experienced traveler. Some advice: travel young and travel often. I greatly matured traveling as a before university with a group of students and two teacher chaperones each spring break. My freshman year of university, I flew to and from Morocco on my own (with some bumps along the way).

 I’ve tried using the travel gear like snatch-resistant purses, money pouches (the ones you strangely put in the front of your pants) and wrinkle proof clothing. Don’t do it. You look stupid. And you stand out. My travel style is dress to impress. No norts (nike shorts). No t-shirts. No tennis shoes. Not Sunday’s best but think Sunday brunch’s best. 

 Similar rules apply to airport attire. Here are my travel do’s and don’ts:

 1. Dress like you normally would. Dress ready to conquer your destination. This is not your bedroom. DO NOT WEAR PAJAMAS. Nor is this a music festival. Yes, this morning, I saw a young woman wearing a flower crown as she waited to go through security. 

 2. I do not want to be able to smell your Victoria’s Secret fragrance. And trust me, I’m not the only one. If you want to freshen up, do it as you’re walking off the plane. Do not suffocate those around you.

 3. This one is a fault of my own. Do not carry a tote so heavy you develop bruises from the weight of the straps on your shoulders. I’ve done it many times. Too many times. I recommend a cross body bag. I adore my LV tote but those tiny straps pack a punch. 

 4. No one enjoys going through security at the airport. You have to unpack the bags you spent all morning packing to find that small thing of hand sanitizer. You have to dig out your laptop not only from your bag but also the case you placed it in. And worst of all: you have to take off your shoes. Make life easier for yourself and your fellow man by avoiding tennis shoes. They’re a hassle to untie and slip off and take even longer to put back on. Sandals seem like the easy out. BUT DO NOT FALL FOR IT (I have). The floors of the planes are lined with air conditioning vents. You’ll be walking off that plane with blocks of ice for feet. My go-to travel shoe is a penny loafer. It’s classy. It goes with everything. It slips on and off easily. And you’re feet won’t freeze. You’re welcome.

This post was originally published by the author 8 September 2016:

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