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How to #win your first day on the job

With day one of my internship in the bag, here are some tried and true tips:

Give yourself time

Like lots of time. You can’t risk making a bad impression on the first day. I live in constant fear of being tardy. But being chronically early is its own kind of curse. For instance, I showed up to my internship an hour early today. A whole freaking hour. But I’d rather be two hours early than two minutes late any day. Give yourself plenty of time to find your way around especially if you’re in a new city like myself. You can always venture to a nearby coffee shop to kill some time.  

Go the extra mile

It’s easy to get by as a mediocre intern. You do what you have to and you go home. Trust me, no one will remember you that way. Make a point of using people’s names when you’re introduced to them. Not only will this help you remember their names but you’ll also leave a lasting impression on them. If you’re twiddling your thumbs and have nothing to do, ask. There’s always papers to be filed or errands to be run. You’re an intern. Suck it up and do it. Stay late if you need to. Don’t leave before a task is done. Your supervisors will take note. Trust me, a rad recommendation letter is worth it (I apologise for my use of “rad,” I just love alliterations). 

Reward yourself

I’m currently sitting in bed dining on a fine pint of ice cream and cheap wine (I admit to being one of the millennials ruining the wine industry…read here if you missed it the last time). It was a long day. And I’d rather spend my calories on ice cream and wine anyways. If wine and ice cream aren’t your thing, watch that movie on Netflix you haven’t had the time for or order in some junk food. Do something out of the ordinary that will end your first day on the job with a smile on your face.

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