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Socialism is theft

In order to understand a thing you have to strip it back to its essence. The fault of too much political thinking has been that it is too abstract. It tries to impose a theoretical system on human nature rather than accept human nature as the basic building block. This …

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Networking for Newbies

I am not a networking professional. Talking to complete strangers is a challenge for me, and I’m not alone. Millennials and members of Generation Z often find it difficult to put themselves in potentially awkward situations, especially those in person. We seem to have an instinctual fear of being found …

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How to #win your first day on the job

With day one of my internship in the bag, here are some tried and true¬†tips: Give yourself time Like lots of time. You can’t risk making a bad impression on the first day. I live in constant fear of being tardy. But being chronically early is its own kind of …

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