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Housing hunt

The housing hunt is the bane of any young professional’s existence. First, you have to find a suitable new home. Second, you need to find roommates (and hopefully ones you can avoid killing during your twelve month lease). Third, you have to pack all of your stuff and somehow move it to your new place. This is where guy friends with trucks come in handy. They’re usually willing to help if you offer free food and booze. In my experience, a twelve pack and Chick-fil-a breakfast do the trick.

Finding the perfect place is difficult, especially when you’re working with a yopro’s budget. To get the most bang out of your buck, keep these things in mind:

Do you want to share a bathroom?

Well of course you don’t want to share a bathroom. So, the better question is: Are you willing to share a bathroom? If you leave toothpaste splatter in the sink or pee on the toilet seat, do everyone a favor and spend the extra money to have your own bathroom. If you do end up sharing a bathroom, be kind to your bathroom-mate and discuss some bathroom guidelines. When and how long you shower is VERY important. If both of you need to leave for work at 7:45 and you’re both morning shower-ers, you need to sort out a schedule. There is a whole plethora of issues if two girls share a bathroom when you consider showering, applying makeup and styling your hair. I recommend purchasing a mirror for your bedroom so you can do your makeup/hair in your room if you’re forced out of the bathroom.

Where is the nearest metro station/grocery store?

For the first time since turning 16, I’m car-less. Thankfully, getting around D.C. via public transportation has been a breeze. However, that could be due to the convenience of living a couple blocks from a metro station. If you won’t have access to a car, take public transportation into account when choosing you new home. Since I’m without a car, I carefully consider what groceries I purchase at the store because my tired arms have to lug them all the way back to my apartment. Thank the good Lord, I live only a block away from a grocery store. I can waddle back with my armful of groceries or make a second trip (if absolutely necessary). 

Do you have a washer and dryer in-unit?

I do not miss the days of lugging my laundry down to the basement of my dorm during my freshman year of college. I put off doing my laundry until the absolute last minute. When I finally find the will to start doing laundry, it’s because there’s literally nothing else for me to wear. I’m also paranoid about colors bleeding together in the wash so my mounds of laundry would fill up four or more washers (my fellow dorm dwellers did not appreciate this). Since freshmen year, I’ve had the luxury of washing and drying my clothes within my home. When you’re scouting out your next place, consider your laundry. If you don’t have a washer and dryer in-unit, make sure there’s a laundromat within walking distance.

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