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Tools to be a #YOPRO

To be a young professional, you must A) envision success, B) actively strive for your goals and C) surround yourself with positive influences. 

Okay, I know these are really abstract ideas. I’m not going to spend the time trying to tell you how to visualize success because I’m not qualified. BUT, I am qualified to tell you how I yopro (yep, I used it as a verb) every day of my life. Here are the things you need:

A planner

Picture an eight year old Catholic school girl clutching her “AB” as she scurries between classes. That was me. And an “AB,” for those of you who are unaware, is an assignment book. That AB and I were inseparable. I haven’t let go of my planner since. Throughout the years, I’ve tested all sorts of planners. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Big. Small. Simple. Complex. You get the picture. I found the end-all be-all of planners this summer. Pictured here is my kikki.K leather personal planner. With sections for a calendar, to do lists and whatever else you may like to organize, this planner is a God send and it looks professional too.

A tracking device

I’m not the type of person to lose her stuff so when I lost my reading glasses this summer, my world came crumbling down around me. That’s a little bit of an exaggeration. But I did promise myself I would not replace my reading glasses until I could ensure they would never go missing again. Queue Tile. These small pieces of plastic ensure peace of mind. I velcro-ed one onto my glasses case, slipped another into the pocket of my planner and attached one to my keys for good measure. With the tap of a button on my phone, I can hear those little Tiles ringing within 150 or so feet. And if I ever lose my glasses, keys or (God forbid) my planner, there are thousands of other Tile users in the area to help keep track of my stuff. Added bonus: if you lose your phone just double click the Tile and your phone will ring, even on silent.

A lunch box

I know this sounds strange. How does a lunch box make you a young professional? Not only are you saving money by packing your lunch every morning, but you’re also able to ensure you’ll eat a healthy meal. Instead of spending your money at the food truck parked outside your office, save it for the bottle of wine you’ll need after the workday. But choose wisely because millennials are apparently ruining the wine industry (read here). My lunch box of choice is Home Presence’s Fuel Bento Lunch Box Food Container. It’s not bulky or too colorful. In other words, I’m not embarrassed when I whip it out during my lunch break. Also, make sure you bring along a water bottle to work. I enjoy my 32 oz. Nathan plastic bottle because I can easily set a goal throughout the day. Tip: You should drink half your body weight in ounces every day. You’re welcome.

This post was originally published by the author 10 September 2016:

About Savanah Dickinson

Savanah is a 21-year-old university student and young professional. She is organised, optimistic and aiming to make a difference. She guides her fellow yopro’s with her blog, Trials & Tribulations of a Young Professional, providing her own tips and tricks to making it in the adult world. Savanah has been published in numerous publications including American Airlines's in-flight magazine, American Way, and by her university's newspaper, The Daily Reveille.

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