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What Journalists should know about Brexit

If, as a journalist or news editor, you know about the facts below but have never reported them you should seriously consider your ethics.

John Major, the man who threatened to see the Government in court if it prorogued Parliament did this himself in 1997 – see The Sleaze Report. Yes John Major prorogued Parliament.

The Belfast/Good Friday Agreement does not mention trade nor the type of border to be implemented between the UK and Republic of Ireland.  See Belfast Agreement.

Austerity was motivated by the EU Stability and Growth Pact – see Treasury Committee Report on Austerity and was sanctioned by Vince Cable in 2010. See Budget 2010: United in Austerity .

Racism is far, far worse in the EU than in the UK – see EU Racism is far worse than UK.  This is significant if the UK were to merge more fully with the EU.

The economic predictions for what might happen after the Referendum and for what might happen after a “No Deal” Brexit have entirely different foundations. The predictions for the period after the Referendum were based on uncertainty for 2 years that would be cleared up by Brexit, the predictions for after “No Deal” cover a 15 year period after Brexit happens and are largely based on lowered population growth which does not affect individual wealth although it lowers total GDP.  The post Referendum predictions are now known to be false and the No Deal predictions hold no fear for anyone who has understood them. See IMF and Treasury Predicted Brexit will be Fine.

The Bank of England clearly stated that its scenario for a “No Deal” Brexit was NOT a “prediction”. It was a worst case that, interestingly, was less severe than the normal worst case scenario for annual stress testing of banks. See IMF and Treasury Predicted Brexit will be Fine.

The 5 President’s report and the preambles to the Treaties on European Union make it clear that the destination of the EU is a single state (with the corollary of nations as regions).  See EU Nationalism.

The “shared competences”, those areas of government that are shared between the UK and EU are actually powers delegated by the EU to the UK and cover much of government – see EU Control. The EU can withdraw these delegated powers and assert control without the need for referendums.

The Remain campaign, including Peoples Vote is, and has always been, run by the European Movement, a shady body financed by Multinational Corporations, EU Governments and the EU. See The Funding of StrongerIN and Who is paying for Peoples Vote.

If, as a journalist or editor, you know all these points but have suppressed them from the news you should be ashamed.

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