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Theresa May just blew her last chance

At last the long awaited cabinet reshuffle has been called and my word it was depressing. I kept an eye on the TV reporting live from Downing Street while I was in the Gym this morning hoping that a major rejuvination might boost me, but instead I watched the same dried out faces of career Politicians dragging their feet into Number 10 on their walkers.

I became rather enthusiastic when I saw James Cleverly and Kemi Badenoch in the line up outside Number 10, but when I found out that they weren’t going to be on that front bench it became pretty clear that May had bottled it again. That was practically it for this “rejuvenation” for the rest of the day.

What disappointed me the most was when I found out that ‘Deadsheet Phil’ and Amber Rudd (who’s probably spying on me as I write this) held onto their jobs. They’re incompetent, Hammond is just another George Osborne, “preparing for a Brexit so soft we’ll barely feel it” to quote Piers Morgan’s latest article. I think Michael Gove’s brilliant in the Environment Dept but I’d have liked to have seen him promoted to Chancellor (or Mogg of course but that’s a longshot). Amber Rudd doesn’t seem to understand what a computer is nor what our internet freedoms are, she’d sooner repeal all of our end-to-end encryptions to find out what ‘hate speech’ we’ve been spewing lately. Say what you want about Priti Patel after the recent events with her, but I’d sooner replace Rudd with her any day of the week. Patel is a rising star and potential Leadership material.

I like Boris Johnson but I wouldn’t have minded too much if even he’d gone. May’s asked him back to Downing Street to keep an eye on him, at least if he was on the backbenches again he could be more outspoken of the many flaws in this Prime Minister and hold her to account on her constant failures and concessions in Brussels. At least things would have been shaken up a bit and provided an actual talking point if he’d have left.

I’m glad Andrea Leadsom kept her place as well but apart from that I consider the rest of the Cabinet a crowd of sycophantic ‘Yes-men and women’. Anyone who read my previous article knows my blatant disregard for the BBC and the Dept of Culture, Media and Sport as a whole. When Karen Bradley was “promoted” to Northern Ireland secretary (which I see no qualification for), I tweeted that I hope no one replaces her, because it’s a pointless Department and an area of Government overreach, but alas it would seem the Prime Minister doesn’t read my tweets and filled the position anyway. It would appear we’ll have to put up with some more State Propaganda for a while similar to the Russians and the North Koreans.

Other than that it the only part of the day stirring up discussion is Justine Greening’s removal. I disagree with a lot of Justine Greening’s policies, but I met her briefly at the conference and thought she was passionate in her role. I’d say that was the only major talking point, a week of discussion on reshuffle has been wasted as far as I’m concerned.

But will someone please tell the Prime Minister that simply changing the titles of the Departments doesn’t make what happened today anything remotely similar to a reshuffle, it was a recycle at best. She had an excellent opportunity to inspire the party members by bringing in new blood to the front bench yet once again proved her incompetence, no wonder membership numbers are dwindling. The best thing that could happen right now is that she appoints Jacob Rees-Mogg as this ‘Minister for No Deal’ we’ve been hearing about.

Apart from that I say we’ve got another long year ahead. I look forward to 29th March 2019 when Brexit is over and we can discuss our Leadership situation, because mark my words if Theresa May leads us into the next General Election we’ll be annihilated and I can’t say I’d blame the voters, we’d deserve everything coming to us. I won’t even vote Conservative if she’s still in charge. I’d probably protest vote UKIP, spoil my ballot or not bother turning up to the polling station I never thought I’d risk a Corbyn government just to protest May’s incompetence, but she’s done this to herself.


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Adam is a Conservative concerning economic and social issues with a Libertarian streak on civil issues and foreign policy, the latter of which interests him most. From the town of Oldham and currently studying for his LL.B at Manchester Law School with ambitions of achieving a Reserve Commission. Has represented the Daily Globe on RT UK and is open to other inquiries.

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  1. I disagree.
    Firstly, I think there is a danger in moving ministers too often – there’s a need to actually build experience in a role. I know that means leaving the politics aside and looking for competence but that’s one of teh things for which Conservatives are famed.

    I applaud the ‘elevation’ of James Cleverly and Kemi Badenoch but expecting to see them or Johnny Mercer or Jacob Rees-Mogg on the front bench in a single bound is unrealistic. They need to be tested at a more junior level, first.

    I am glad that Greening has gone. For me she is one of those virtue signallers that we see throughout the less serious part of the spectrum. Her stance on gender is indefensible, and especially so, for a Conservative.

    Keeping the ‘big beasts’ in place was always on the cards – this addresses the political reality of Conservative politics. I happen to think that all four are performing poorly – Johnson and Rudd are more focused on jockeying for position for the post-May era. Hammond is just holding on because he has nowhere else to go and Davis is out of his depth with the wily Eurocrats.

    May has got through 2017 and done so, with some aplomb (finally) – though don’t consider that in any way an endorsement of her year! Now she needs to seize the initiative and get the focus onto domestic issues – housing, immigration, social care and NHS are particularly important. She should let the Brexit negotiations just roll on and let the Tory rebels and other opposition fruitlessly vent their spleens.