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There are lies and there are lies

When parties list their core values to get votes and then do the exact opposite democracy can no longer function.

There is no point in attending an election or referendum if your vote not only has no effect but is cynically exploited so that those who are elected have the power to do the opposite of what they claimed to believe.

Politicians such as Oliver Letwin and Yvette Cooper, the fanatical Labour Remain supporter, promised openly in the 2017 election to support UK Independence and leave the EU.  They then pushed to get “No Deal” outlawed so that the EU can just sit on its hands and wait for the UK to beg to Remain.  They deliberately overturned the Referendum.

The sheer cynicism of these politicians is breathtaking.  They literally spit on the electorate, treating them as ignorant fools.

What do voters do to undermine democracy entirely?  They lie to themselves. They have concerns such as lack of accommodation, high rents, low wages, global warming etc. then come out on the streets and demand more of the same politics that caused these problems in the first place.

The EU Nationalists cannot be bothered to investigate the adverse effects of EU membership because, like British National Party members, they find being in the EU Nationalist gang is so exciting and socially rewarding.

Our Government invented Project Fear Mk2, which interprets fairly positive data on No Deal in the worst possible way then instructed everyone to say “No-one wants No Deal”.  They then held a vote in Parliament to ban No Deal and hence overturned the Referendum because the EU will just wait for the UK to return.  Lets be clear about this, No Deal will not be a catastrophe for the UK, the catastrophe argument was used for Project Fear Mk1 during the Referendum and did not happen and Project Fear Mk2 is a similarly imaginary disaster.  Seventy percent of MPs back the EU against the people of this country and many were only elected because they promised to implement Brexit.  They told the electorate that they would implement Brexit solely to obtain the power to stop it and invented Project Fear Mk2 as a spurious cover story for their villainy.

Here is a list of MPs who voted against No Deal and so overturned the Referendum, click here to view: MPs who voted for banning No Deal.

These Conservative MPs who voted against No Deal or abstained are the worst culprits, the Tories having declared over and over that No Deal is better than a bad deal:

Bebb, Guto
Clarke, rh Mr Kenneth
Greening, rh Justine
Grieve, rh Mr Dominic
Gyimah, Mr Sam
Lee, Dr Phillip
Sandbach, Antoinette
Spelman, rh Dame Caroline
Vaizey, rh Mr Edward
Letwin, Oliver

In general, if you believe in leaving the EU do not vote for Labour, Lib-Dem or SNP.  With the exception of these six honourable MPs:

Campbell, Mr Ronnie
Hepburn, Mr Stephen
Hoey, Kate
Mann, John
Skinner, Mr Dennis
Stringer, Graham

And, of course, never vote for the absurdly named “Change UK” which lies even in its name about its intentions.

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