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Goodbye Theresa May

The United Kingdom has had two female Prime Ministers. One of the best in our history and one of the worst in our history.

Margaret Thatcher believed in democracy, individual freedom, enterprise, a small state, citizen’s rights, low tax and in pride in our nation. Theresa May believes in none of these.

Theresa May believes the people must be controlled by the state, forced to do what she says. So she was a highly authoritarian Home Secretary and Prime Minister, taking away many of our rights and freedoms. Taking us closer to the Chinese model of a society where the oligarchic elite have total power over the population, who are effectively slaves.

Brexit is the greatest opportunity the United Kingdom has had in more than 100 years. Our sovereignty returned to us, freedom to make our own laws again, freedom to go out into the world to trade, unlocked from the shackles of the customs union and stiflingly excessive EU regulation. We should be rejoicing. Instead, in May, we had a Europhile Prime Minister who didn’t want to leave and didn’t want to grasp the opportunities.

So she deliberately negotiated a deal with the EU that is utterly unacceptable. It is a surrender document with £39 billion in reparations. The EU are punishing us for leaving and Theresa May is helping them. Despite the democratic choice of the people of this country to break away cleanly from the undemocratic EU superstate.

Awful woman.

Now she says she is leaving. We should be very happy, delighted, delirious even. But not so fast. Look at who will replace her. The best candidate, by far, is Boris Johnson. A proven leader and proven election winner as Mayor of London, very successful as Foreign Secretary, highly intelligent, extremely well educated, charismatic. But the Cultural Marxist globalists now control much of the Conservative Party and they hate Boris. Their candidates are the dire Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond who would be just as bad as May, maybe even worse. Probably the best we can hope for is a compromise candidate such as Jeremy Hunt.

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