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The Remain Elite and the thinking behind their assault on #Brexit

Have you wondered at all in the last 12 months about the to-ing and fro-ing of opinion about the EU and whether or not it is a good or bad institution and whether or not we are wise to be leaving it? Why is it that our self-defined elite intelligentsia are so vehemently opposed to Brexit when there seems to be such a weight of evidence that suggests that the EU is failing? The EU euro currency has wrought destitution, there is enormous unemployment and economic malaise in all of the Southern European states, and Germany is the sole nation that has had any serious benefit.

This post of mine will, undoubtedly, bring a screaming hiatus of disagreement from that same elite but I will carry on with my thinking and ask you to give it some serious thought. Serious thought about the EU does seem to have been missing of late, even to the extent that those of us who have voted to leave are considered to be illiterate racists who don’t understand business, economics, or the apparently simple process of opening up our borders to an uncontrolled ingress of vast numbers of immigrants every year.

Remainer Elite Denial

What the elite haven’t grasped in the last year is that such a level of condescension has only served to harden the Leave view and cause thinkers such as myself to look at the evidence, research the subject ,and draw different conclusions to those such as Blair, Branson, Mandelson, Clegg, Major, Farron, Miller and a host of others not least the 100+ Liberal Peers in the House of Lords. (The latter whose contribution to the Article 50 debate sought to reinforce the lines above that we didn’t know what we were voting for, didn’t have the skill or intellectual acumen to make a balanced judgment, and so we must be given the opportunity to get it right next time with a second referendum being used to judge whether or not our elected Government has taken us out of the EU on good terms.) The intellectual elite believe if we are to leave the EU on “good terms” it have will include continued membership of the fabled single market, free entry for EU citizens to our country, and continued membership of the ECJ. Does that sound like not leaving the EU to you? It does not to me.

Since we voted last June, our Government has got a new Prime Minister as the previous incumbent did have the grace to resign having lost his gamble on calling the Referendum. She has a new cabinet with much of the previous cabinet dispensed with, including Chancellor Osborne who has now taken his Remain vitriol to a newspaper as an editor, Anna Soubry, and Nicky Morgan. The former two showed up the old maxim about a woman scorned with their every utterance in the Commons and whenever they got free air time on our national television broadcaster the impartial BBC (aided and abetted by Sky who have become almost more biased than the BBC). Our Government has been dragged through the courts by a woman claiming that her voice should be heard in the name of democracy whilst ignoring the voices of 17 million people who thought they were voting in a democracy and that their democratic view would be upheld. The loud voices of the rich and famous have a much bigger hold on the democratic process it would seem.

Fortunately, these loud mouths overlooked the steely intent of our new Prime Minister to deliver the will of the people. She and her Brexit team have been maligned throughout the period since she became PM as being unprepared, not knowing what they were doing, not understanding how the EU works, knowing little of the economics of world trade, underestimating the massed ranks of antipathy towards the UK in Brussels and so on. Notice that recurring theme of the Remain intelligentsia knowing best. They know better than our Government and ministers now despite a goodly number of them being failures in one way or another.

A Remainer’s Lecture

One piece in answer to a post of mine particularly caught my attention. It was from a Russell Group academic and was therefore couched in well written and well mannered terms. I was not branded a racist fool nor considered ignorant as in not knowing. I was, however, politely excoriated for my erroneous thinking and then put right by a far greater intellect than mine. I have edited it somewhat for you as it was very long but I hope you see my point about the level of condescension we ignorant masses are being subjected to. Here is the cut down version but you will get the gist:

“Many Brits are still in denial of the negative impact BREXIT is having and will have on our country over all, the impact is going to be devastating. All of the leading indicators across many sectors are flashing red. Major industries such as Finance & Banking, Science & Technology are drawing up significant plans to relocate thousands of jobs to the EU. (This is clearly a sweeping statement with little evidence. Barclays Bank has just said that it has no intention to do this and Sir James Dyson is to set up a U.K. technology park to employ 3,500 people in engineering and science research).

(He continues:)  Many companies concerned by the isolationist rhetoric and nationalistic jingoism of the U.K. Government are now hell bent on moving out of fortress Britain. The results on our economy of loss of jobs will drive the UK economy into a deep recession. (The evidence against this thinking is overwhelming- we are currently enjoying record employment as a country).

(The Enlightened One rambles on more:) EU Healthcare professionals are beginning to leave the UK in their droves and new potential employees from EU countries are no longer interested in the UK, they are going to Germany and Nordic countries that also have staffing shortages but offer more security. (It does beg the question on statements like this where the evidence for this is)

(The Remainer Jeremiah Climaxes his sermon:) So on top of the economic recession you will have a health and social care systems collapse due to lack of resources, both human and financial.” (Somehow the NHS has become threatened by Brexit. You will note that the TTIP trade deal that the EU was trying to do with the US is not mentioned. You may recall that in that deal, US healthcare companies would have had the right to sue the UK Government for loss of profits due to the uncompetitive nature of the NHS in the TTIP deal. Mr. Trump put a stop to that. You can draw your own conclusions).

And so this diatribe goes on. Sorry that my editing hasn’t been a bit sharper but I hope I am making my point with this kind of nonsense that even the so called best and the brightest can have brain dysfunction from time to time.

(The Diatribe Continues and we learn that the Enlightened Remainer is in fact a trade expert:) “Yes but what about jobs created by the trade deals we will negotiate with the rest of the world?? Yes, that will eventually kick in in about 10 years time once the deals have been negotiated. (You can’t beat an academic for being out of touch with economic reality. What does this person think Liam Fox, David Davis , Boris Johnson and their various teams have been doing for the last 9/10 months? Maybe Fox has been on recreational holidays around the world to build up his air miles).

These last two points are so funny you would not hear better from a stand-up comic in the music hall.

(The Remainer now pities us poor Brits and offers an escape plan before the Brexit plagues sweep the land:) We need to be prepared for the short/mid term damage Brexit will bring. Every family will need to make its own contingency plans based on their own circumstances weighing up their risks of unemployment and opportunities to move elsewhere. (I told you it was funny. Brexit induced nuclear Armageddon is upon us. Get your Nissen huts built, stock up with tins in the larder but maybe all of us should just go to those bastions of economic nirvana such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal. Oh! no you won’t go there, they are failed EU states. Get learning German as Germany will consolidate her position as the lead state in the EU).

(The arrogance of this last sentence sums it all up:) Remember one thing, this has all been self-inflicted, no one to blame except the British electorate and the gaggle of Brexit politicians of all parties who misled the country.”

You stupid people, how wrong could your thinking have been when we experts of economics, of the geo-political landscape, of the depths of the EU Project knew so much better.

What was that I just said “the depths of the EU Project”? What is that?

The EU Project’s unraveling is what they are lamenting

As the EC, EEC and then the EU were being formed, one of its founding fathers, Jean Monnet, made secretly clear that the overall plan was for European political integration. Foreign Secretary, Douglas Hurd arranged for the Tory Party to become a secret corporate member of Monnet’s Action Committee for a United States of Europe. Monnet’s biographer and chief aide, Francois Duchene verified this and also verified that the Liberals and Labour Parties followed suit. The British public were not informed of this- which casts severe doubt on any pretensions to democracy that the Europhile elite might have. Apparently Heath knew this as well in 1972 and forced a constitutional change through Parliament without the electorate having the benefit of either a referendum or a General Election which is the law when constitutional change of this magnitude occurs. In 1975, realising that the European Communities Act of 1972 was, in fact, illegal, Wilson held a referendum but the question asked was incorrect as it did not seek to rectify the illegal nature of the Act but simply to ratify our membership of the EEC. Subsequent Governments have aligned themselves to this, in particular Major’s and then Blair’s. The Maastricht Treaty of 1992 forming the EU should without doubt have had a referendum on its contents but, again, Major kept the aims of European federalism from the British people and Blair perpetuated that after 1997.

Above all else, it is this type of secrecy and illegal practice associated with the EU and the intellectual elite of this country that really answers the question for me as to what it is that provokes such intemperance from the Remain so called leaders in their protestations of the stupidity of the Leave vote.

Just what do they have to hide when all the available evidence points to the correctness of the decision made last June and should have been made as far back as 1972?

Luckily, we have overruled the EU intelligentsia through our democratic vote. We are getting our country back- and despite all their kicking and screaming- there is nothing they can do about it.



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