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Peter Tatchell makes an excellent point re Sharia and Human Rights

I cannot profess to agreeing with Peter Tatchell on everything, in fact our views on Palestine are probably poles apart, but I have to give credit where it is due.

Peter, at a recent debate “Is Islam the cause or solution to extremism?“, piles into what I can only call a very biased panel, with some serious questions about Human Rights under Sharia.  If you watch from about 40mins into the full debate, he causes quite a stir amongst the panel.

The whole debate is available below, well worth a watch, but I have to pull a specific clip out where Peter makes an awesome summary of the rights of anyone to question Islam, Sharia andany religion, belief or ideology with regards to Human Rights.

Peter explains that it is possible to seperate the person from the ideology and scrutinise or debate without demonising all muslims.  This is a massive point, which is overlooked in the approach many mainstream commentators take.

Peter Tatchell – “Whilst I stand with you against the demonisation of Muslim people, ALL ideas must be open to scrutiny…”

Peter gets a rough ride during this debate, it’s actually quite hostile in places, but he’s a lone voice and stands his ground.  I salute his courage.

Full Debate – Is Islam the cause or solution to extremism?

Friday 16th October, 2015

I would heartily recommend watching the whole debate, though I will warn my normal readers they won’t like much of what is said by a lot of panel members.  I found shouting at my screen forced no change in views from panellists, though I tried many times.

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