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Why do they only demonstrate when Jews are at war?

What are the deadliest wars of the 21st Century? 1 The Syrian Civil War             2011-Present         535,000 deaths 2 War on Terror (including       2001-Present         493,500 deaths Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan) 3 War in Darfur                        2003-Present         286,827 deaths 4 Yemeni Civil War                  2014–Present        233,000+ deaths 5 Mexican Drug War                2006-Present         106,800 deaths By contrast the Arab-Israeli conflict since 1948 has killed only 116,000 …

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Carnage in Manchester, it must be our last

1977, aged 7, I experienced my first ‘bomb’ in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast. Us kids had our hospital beds wheeled into the corridor as our room windows came through, from a car-bomb in the carpark. It became almost a weekly thing for a while (I was there for a …

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Are you scared yet?

I find the coverage of United States politics in Britain very strange. Why are we all so interested? Most Americans are fairly clueless about the details of British politics. They might know who the Prime Minister is, but beyond that it all gets rather hazy. Then again I remember meeting …

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Peter Tatchell makes an excellent point re Sharia and Human Rights

I cannot profess to agreeing with Peter Tatchell on everything, in fact our views on Palestine are probably poles apart, but I have to give credit where it is due. Peter, at a recent debate “Is Islam the cause or solution to extremism?“, piles into what I can only call …

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Thoughts on ISIS, Islamic Culture and liberalism.

With the recent evil ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris, Lebanon, Kenya, Egypt and other places, people are often asking “why would anyone do such a thing?” It’s a fair question but I think the gap between one who is driven to a death cult like ISIS and moderate Muslims and …

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