Saturday , May 25 2024

Labour must be punished

The recent scandals of Labour’s antisemitism and the crime epidemic in London are further proof, if any is needed, that Labour are a party that are not fit to govern the United Kingdom.

Labour has been taken over by vicious socialists who care only for ideological purity and not about the well being of the country. For the hard left Corbynite Labour party, Jews are bad because they are seen to support the economic system of free markets/capitalism and because they support the pro-Western state of Israel. That is why Corbyn can only bring himself to dine with anti-Israel socialist Jews like the fittingly named “Jewdas” -because they are the only Jews he could find that are “good Jews” ie Jews that hold anti-Jewish views. Jeremy Corbyn himself was a member of five Anti-Semitic Facebook groups and defended an anti-Semitic mural. Antisemitism is so rife in Labour that it warrants an exhausitve, but not all encompassing, Wikipedia page, and the #enoughisenough movement has made Jews feel the need to organise and rally against the Labour party – a party which until recent years they mostly supported but now only 13% do. How anyone can vote for this left-wing equivalent of the BNP is truly baffling.

However, the actions described above are the actions of Labour without power. What are they like with power? Look no further than London. As recently as Boris Johnson’s second term in office, London murders reached a 42 year low. Under the mayoralty of Sadiq Khan, London murders have overtaken New York City and under his leadership over 50 people have been murdered in 2018 alone. Just yesterday there were seven knife attacks in the span of 90 minutes. What has Mayor Khan done about this? Very little (if anything) and he admitted today that he has not visited ONE of the families of murder victims this year. From record low in murders to record high in a short span of a couple years – this is Labour with power.

Labour is dangerous. They are ruled by hard left anti-Semitic ideologues who are too PC to enforce laws against criminals – to say nothing of the historic damage they have always inflicted when they have been in charge of the economy. We must all work together to make sure Labour never gets anywhere near national power again.

About Ted Yarbrough

Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.

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  1. Isaac Anderson

    Indeed Ted, Labour is blatantly anti-semitic, and London is becoming terribly violent. When the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Qatar state that Israelis and Jews have a right to live in their own land, and the British leader of the opposition refuses to say so, things are looking bad. When he calls genocidal groups “friends” they get worse. One cannot be anti-zionist and yet not anti-semitic.

    If it is any “consolation”, the lives of Russians who come over and support our human rights and western values are of little value, according to Mr Corbyn.

    As for Mr Khan, the murder rate has overtaken NY for the first time in the modern age, which is astounding considering that NY should have much easier access to violent weapons, especially guns. But let’s keep on cutting back the Metropolitan Police, eh?

    Interesting you post this today, as that’s more or less what James Cleverly MP said about Mr Khan today on LBC, too. Not to mention that Khan has shared platforms many times with extremist Islamists who say that women must be subservient to men!

    I know most Labour voters who don’t support this rot, but it all begins pretty close to the top. I dislike party politicals, but it seems the truth is this. Labour under Corbyn and Khan talk the talk, but when it comes to the walk, they are blatantly racist and sexist.

    And that’s before we begin with Brexit, the IRA, the Shadow Home Secretary or the Shadow Chancellor…

    • Ted Yarbrough

      I agree completely Isaac – very well said. I should have mentioned Corbyn calling Hezbollah and Hamas “friends”. I am not an Atlee fan but he was a patriot – if he knew what Labour has become he would be rolling in his grave.