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Brexit – the True Story

The campaign to create a European Union began after WWI. After the war the Germans were weakened and facing a growing threat from the USSR (The Communist Russian Empire).  Count Coudenhove-Kalergi founded “Paneuropa” to lobby for a European Union to counter this Russian threat.  Paneuropa is still alive and well today and many MEPs claim affiliation.

(You may have a problem believing the history below, if you do then just click on the copious links to check the sources of the statements made).

According to British standards Coudenhove-Kalergi and Hitler were a pair of psychopaths.  Both used race as the foundation of politics.  This was in the interwar years when people just said racist things like that and were aiming for lethal polarisation as part of “the struggle”.  The racial basis of 1930s politics was so catastrophic that it is only in the 21st century that politicians and journalists have again fully reawakened polarisation by race in the West (see Note 1).

World War II radically changed European politics.  WWII has been portrayed as the “war against Germany” but it was actually the war against the Axis Powers.  Even half of France was voluntarily Axis and known as Vichy France.


Notice the USSR supported the Axis until it was attacked in June.

During the Second World War the Axis came up with their own plan for a European Economic Community.   “War against the Axis” was gradually changed to the “War against Germany” to allow the non-German Axis to be freed from responsibility and co-opted as allies against the USSR.

The USA did not enter the Second World War until Pearl Harbour on the 7th December 1941. The British Commonwealth and China stood alone against the Axis for over 2 years.  The USA was actually wondering whether to back the Germans in 1939 because the British were the “bogeyman” of US history (See War Plan Red for details of the US plans to attack the British Commonwealth).

The Second World War ended with decisive victory for Anglo-American forces:


In September 1945 the Anglo-American forces had de-facto control of much of the world and had nuclear weapons that could easily defeat the Warsaw Pact.  It might have been the greatest empire the world had ever seen but the Anglo-Americans had no desire for an old fashioned empire and instead set up a raft of International bodies from the UN to GATT to oversee global development towards a “Western” civilisation.  The French Empire was restored to France and the previously independent countries of the world were restored to self government, except those occupied by the Soviet Union.  The British committed to dismantling the British Empire.

The USA and UK were determined to prevent yet another Franco-German war and President Truman was convinced that European Union was the way forward for European reconstruction.  They formed the Committee of European Economic Cooperation (CEEC) to propose a plan for the future.  The Committee was run by George Marshall and Ernest Bevin and the plan became the basis for the Marshall Plan. (Bevin’s UK contribution being airbrushed out of history).   The CEEC eventually morphed into the OECD.  Marshall Plan aid was contingent on the acceptance of a common economic area in Europe, the forerunner of the Common Market.

Labour resisted the integration of the UK into the Common Market.  “The British went to extraordinary lengths to resist the Marshall Plan’s insistence on immediate economic integration with the rest of Europe, the great string attached to Marshall aid everywhere.”  The Marshall Plan: A Strategy that Worked. See also Marshall Foundation website and (Note 1) below.

The classic tale of the origins of the EU is that it was founded by dint of the diplomatic skills of Jean Monnet.  Monnet was the CIA (OSS) front man and his ACUSE (Action Committee for a United States of Europe)  was funded by ACUE (American Committee on United Europe) which was sanctioned by the Allies after WWII.  ACUE also provided the funds for the “European Movement”. See “Surprise! Surprise! The EU was Invented by the USA” for links to sources and more analysis.

The European Movement is an organisation that still seems to benefit from Cold War secrecy.  The BBC and other Broadcasters seldom ever mention it even though it was pivotal to the foundation of the Common Market and EU and highly active during the Referendum.

It was the European Movement’s senior Tories Ken Clarke, Michael Heseltine and Douglas Hurd, who pushed the UK through the Maastricht Treaty.  The European Movement was behind Black Wednesday in 1992, being prepared to risk crashing the UK economy to keep it in the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) in preparation for adopting the Euro.

After the Lisbon Treaty in 2009 there were many calls for a Referendum on the EU and these were threatening the stability of the Conservative Party.  The main issue was “shared competences” which are powers delegated by the EU to the Member States that can revert to the EU without further Treaties. The shared competences cover much of government.  The other issue was qualified majority voting (QMV) which was scheduled by 2014 to include at least 80% of EU legislation (no vetoes are possible on majority votes).  QMV gave the Eurozone huge power to set the agenda and carry it through.

In 2012 it seemed very likely that Leave would win any Referendum on EU Membership. The opinion polls showed Leave on about 50% and Remain on 30% with 20% undecided or non-voting (see below).  The Government and BBC mounted a quiet campaign in favour of Remain.  The IEA Report: In Focus, the case for privatising the BBC has identified “Bias by Omission” as a major form of bias practised by the BBC during this period. Of 4275 guests invited to speak about the EU between 2004 and 2015 on the flagship Radio 4 Today Program only 132 supported leaving the EU (3.2%) One third of the pro-withdrawal speakership was repeat appearances by Nigel Farage.

The principle tool in this first phase of the Remain campaign (from 2013) was to characterise Brexit supporters as racist.  This is entirely normal in British politics and it was the standard advice to political customers of PR companies such as Bell Pottinger. Bell Pottinger came unstuck using this technique in South Africa where they were reviled for polarising society.  However, the UK middle classes love the moral high ground even if, as in the EU Referendum, it is not directly relevant.

Middle class supporters of UKIP who abhorred racism tended to drift away under the ceaseless racist slurs.  Most UKIP supporters had defected from Labour and the Conservatives so the media interviews that showed UKIP as racist could equally have shown the two main parties to have racist members.  However, no interviews were ever performed with this intention.  The intention was purely to identify UKIP and Leave with racism.  Had the media truly wanted to raise the issue of racism in the EU Referendum it would have covered the rampant racism in the EU which is at a similar level to that in the USA.  Supporting such a racist group of Member States would surely be racist but there was no coverage at all of race relations on the Continent. Was the broadcast media fair?

In 2014 David Cameron appointed Rhona Fairhead, an HSBC banker,  to run the BBC whilst she was still acting as audit director of the Swiss subsidiary of HSBC, the bank that massages billions in corporation tax avoidance out of the EU (See Rona Fairhead and the EU Tax Avoidance Scandal). Fairhead was not just a staunch Remainer but intimately connected to the “benefits” that the EU provides.  The BBC, to their eternal shame, became fully aligned with Remain.   As John Humphrys, the Remain voting, leading BBC political reporter put it BBC “bosses, almost to a man and woman, could simply not grasp how anyone could have put a cross in the Leave box on the referendum ballot paper.”

It wasn’t until 2015 that David Cameron felt that Remain could win.

Opinion polls showed Remain had a chance after 2015.


The growth of support for Remain and appearance of a lead in the opinion polls for the first time in years prompted Cameron to promise a Referendum on the EU in the 2015 election.


The European Movement founded the In Campaign (Britain Stronger In Europe) to fight the EU Referendum.  They have denied this but Laura Sandys, the then Chair of the European Movement signed the incorporation document in 2015.  As these excerpts from the Guido Fawkes website show:

Most of you will not have heard of the “European Movement”.  Its current President is Michael Heseltine and its Vice President is Kenneth Clarke.  Lord Adonis and Douglas Hurd are patrons.  In fact people know so little about the European Movement that when Kenneth Clarke was being proposed as a “steady hand at the wheel” and “caretaker Prime Minister” in the summer of 2019 the media coverage conveniently forgot to mention that he was one of the main figures behind the “In Campaign” and his current job was Vice President of the European Movement.  The journalists all knew this so why did they fail to mention it?  Shame on them.

The second phase of the Remain campaign was to divert the population from the actual state of UK-EU Trade and financial relations to “predictions”.  The entire Remain campaign before the Referendum consisted of “expert” after “expert” being wheeled out to predict that Brexit would be an economic catastrophe with most of this happening straight after any vote to Leave.  The actual state of UK-EU Trade relations was appalling for the UK.  The Trade Deficit with the EU was enormous, reaching £70 billion a year in 2016:

ONS: Balance of Trade with EU(L86i)

The Trade Deficit is a direct measure of goods and services that could be produced in the UK but are produced in the EU. It is also a measure of a major source of the National Debt.  The figure is so high because EU companies have purchased UK companies and turned them into warehouses for EU stock. UK Trade with non-EU countries is very healthy at £38bn surplus in 2016. None of this was covered by broadcasters, who, realising economic reality did not support Remain, focussed on economic “predictions”.


The Remain “expert predictions” for the UK economy after the Referendum were almost entirely wrong and this fact has failed to be covered by mainstream broadcasters.


We can see from the opinion polling above that Remain very nearly stole the EU Referendum from Leave.  Remain voters still believe that the truth was the opposite, that Leave support suddenly flowered because of a bus or Arron Banks’ loans or the Russians did it but the polls tell the real story.  Brexit was a remarkable achievement given that Leave spent only a third of the funds spent by Remain and the relentless Government campaign in 2013-15 had chipped away its supporters.

It was after the Referendum that the worst events occurred.  David Cameron had set up procedures such that the country would be thrown into turmoil if Leave won. He instructed the Civil Service to make no plans for Brexit and precipitately resigned, leaving the post of Prime Minister vacant.  He clearly hoped to make the “expert predictions” a reality.

The Conservatives had a majority of Remain MPs and appointed Theresa May, a committed Remain voter, as Prime Minister.  The European Movement set up the “People’s Vote” campaign to undermine the Referendum result and agitate for another Referendum.  The European Movement had done this before in Ireland, reversing their Referendum result.  The pressure for a second referendum in the UK was nearly identical to the methods used in Ireland:

They also mounted heavy attacks on the funders of Leave such as Arron Banks and suggested the shady involvement of foreign powers in donations in the same way as they had attacked donors in Ireland.

The intention of the European Movement was to undermine the faith of the population in the democratic process by portraying Leave voters as stupid and racist,  the Leave campaign as corrupt and the Russians having won it for Leave. See Was the Referendum Fair?  Having persuaded their supporters that the Referendum was not legitimate they hoped for a second referendum.  The collusion of broadcast journalists in this process was entirely reprehensible, scarcely any channel covered the real spending in the Referendum campaign or even the clear data showing little or no Russian involvement – for instance Nick Clegg found that there was “no evidence of Russian interference” in the Referendum on Facebook.

Even the Electoral Commission seems to have been in on the campaign to discredit Leave by bringing vexatious charges against Leave campaigners that were subsequently dismissed. Arron Banks was referred to the Met for prosecution but the investigation was dropped by the Metropolitan Police.  There was no huge Arron Banks electoral fraud.  Darren Grimes (BeLeave) was also prosecuted and was subsequently exonerated.  It was a feature of the EU Referendum campaign for prosecutions and investigations to be mounted that received huge publicity only to be withdrawn or fail later with scarcely a word of the withdrawal or acquittal appearing in the Media.

Both sides in the Referendum were directly fined by the Electoral Commission for electoral financial irregularities but only Leave got the headlines:

(Best for our Future – Remain. Constitutional Research Council – Leave).

An election was held in June 2017 that confirmed May as Prime Minister on a platform of implementing Brexit.  The Conservatives failed to deliver and another election was held in December 2019 with a definitely pro-Brexit Tory Party under Boris Johnson.  Johnson won with an 80 seat majority and now has over four years in government.  Even the most ferocious European Movement and broadcast media attacks will be unable to stop the UK from being free of the EU by 2021.

The UK has now left the EU but the ruthless behaviour of the European Movement and the broadcasters has left the country divided.  We have had a Referendum and two elections confirming it but even now many Remain voters believe they have been cheated because the broadcast media, especially the BBC, has failed to provide unbiased coverage.  The journalists should hang their heads in shame.

What of rejoining the EU?  It would require another Referendum and, more importantly, the acquiescence of the EU.  It is unlikely that Rejoin would win a Referendum because the Copenhagen Criteria for Rejoining require acceptance of “political, economic and monetary union”.   The denial that Remaining in the EU would entail political and monetary union (the Euro) was a feature of the Remain campaign and would be difficult to use in a Rejoin Referendum.  However, this is all academic because the EU will almost certainly avoid risking it’s stability and would refuse any application from the UK.  It really is over.  Notice that the BBC and other broadcasters have completely omitted to mention the Copenhagen Criteria.  The journalists should hang their heads in shame.

Note 1: Race is brought into 21st century politics by identifying one race or class as “racist” and the other as victims. It is a vicious way of polarising people – you can sense the nasty racism in yourself as you feel morally superior to and dehumanise the race or class of people you regard as racists. Remember that Coudenhove-Kalergi was attacking the Nation State and was well aware that the stateless Jewish migrant was the object of racial oppression.  Race should never be used to polarise political debate, it is dicing with chaos and even genocide.  Never forget that some of those you call racist will acquire a race identity from being reviled and labelled. In the 1920s the middle class Germans were most active in providing help to Jewish refugees from the communist USSR.  Within 10 years these middle classes supported the NAZIs.  Polarisation is, of course, the objective of those who employ racial politics, polarisation being the first step to revolution, and it is the prime method of the revolutionary Left (such as Coudenhove-Kalergi).  Sadly we seem to have forgotten the lesson of the Axis.  We should deal with racism by equality of treatment and gentle education, not the formation of racially opposed parties.

Anti-racists will know they have become racist when their hatred of racism becomes a hatred of racists.

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