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Big Business attack #Brexit

The attack by Multi-National businesses on Brexit has now been fully organised.  It consisted in late 2016 of two main groups, “UK-EU Open Policy” which poses as an independent think tank but is dedicated to reversing the Referendum and “Common Ground” which pushes for continued membership of the Common Market (Single Market).   The failure of these groups has led to the foundation of “Best for Britain” by the US billionaire George Soros and his friend Martin Sorrell at the start of 2018.

The key players are Tony Blair, who is a director and anti-brexit manager of US Investment bank JP Morgan, Richard Branson, who owns his own tax-haven Island in the Caribbean, George Soros, the US Billionaire who cost the UK taxpayer billions in Black Wednesday in 1992 and Sir Martin Sorrell CEO of multinational corporate giant WPP.

UK-EU Open Policy will be the main force, probably paying unemployed graduates and Ukrainians to mount a social media campaign and providing holidays and other opportunities to journalists. ‘Freuds, a leading public relations agency that was founded by Matthew Freud, a close friend of both Mr Blair and David Cameron, is understood to have been commissioned to manage the strategy and marketing of the campaign.’

Of course, overall the campaign is being coordinated by Goldman Sachs, the US Investment bank that set up the UK StrongerIn Remain campaign and who have inserted their man, private equity boss Stephen Peel (ex TPG Capital), on the board of managers of UK-EU Open Policy.  At present it seems that day to day running of the campaign is in the hands of Alan Milburn (an old Blair protege) and Virgin chairman Peter Norris.  Finance is being provided by Branson and Sir Clive Cowdrey, the insurance tycoon.

Tax Avoider Branson

According to the papers, Nick Clegg and Labour MP Chuka Umunna may well be part of the group.

The journalist Anatole Kaletsky is one of the directors of UK-EU Open Policy and he has been pivotal in the foundation of various Internationalist media bodies that can offer journalists work if they come over to the dark side.  He also runs Gavekal Dragonomics which has the potential to divert Internationalist funds from China to the campaign.

Another director is Sally Elisabeth Tallant who runs “Metal Culture Limited” an organisation that mobilises actors and show business in the cause. The “Centre for London” Think Tank is represented by Shakuntala Michaela Ghosh. Eloise Karen Todd is another director, she has direct links with Brussels and helps run the Internationalist “One Campaign”.

Milburn has resigned as a director and UK-EU Open Policy is now being run by the Internationalists Peel, Kaletsky, Norris and Cowdrey  with no front man fig leaf.  Its main role will undoubtedly be supplying incentives to bent journalists.

Tony Blair set up the “Tony Blair Institute” (which dubs itself the “Institute for Global Change”) to fight Brexit on behalf of JP Morgan.  The Institute is funded by taking over Windrush Ventures Limited (WVL) which was Blair’s method of receiving payments from sources such as that from Kazakhstans’s dictator and would have been the avenue for funds from other sources such as Goldman Sachs, should they have funded Blair.  The Directors of “The Institute” are interesting, including David Lyon, an ex member of Barclays Capital.

“Best for Britain” was set up at the beginning of 2018. Its figurehead is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown who immediately got a long slot on the Radio 4 Today Programme to mount a diatribe against Brexit.

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It is possible that Branson is more indebted to Goldman Sachs than is commonly thought.  Virgin Money took over Northern Rock and was withdrawing loans to small businesses in July 2016.  Certainly Goldman Sachs recent support for Virgin Money will help him repeat last pay day (£12m for Branson).  Nowadays Branson should be viewed as yet another banker, like Blair.


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