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Arron Banks and US Banks

The Electoral Commission has referred Arron Banks to the National Crime Agency for suspected false declaration of the source of EU Referendum funding.  The alleged offence involved £2.9m of money given by Mr Banks and spent by Leave.EU, the UKIP campaign for Leaving the EU – the official campaign was Vote Leave and is not …

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Big Business attack #Brexit

The attack by Multi-National businesses on Brexit has now been fully organised.  It consisted in late 2016 of two main groups, “UK-EU Open Policy” which poses as an independent think tank but is dedicated to reversing the Referendum and “Common Ground” which pushes for continued membership of the Common Market …

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The Paradise Papers- What about the EU tax havens?

Global Investment Banks have created a web of vehicles for dodging tax.  The Panama Papers, Luxembourg Leaks and the Paradise Papers show how these banks are syphoning billions away from the Tax Authorities globally. What is happening is that International Banks effectively own offshore tax havens. They supply most of …

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Foggy on your finances?

Do you frequently tuck unopened bank statements away in a drawer? Do you refuse to get a receipt from the ATM when withdrawing cash because you don’t want to see the cold reality of what your bank balance really is? Or are you scared to look at your credit card …

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