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Forward the Three Lions (On a Shirt)!

We at the Daily Globe and the CRCC stand it support of traditional British culture, no matter whether it comes from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. As such, the fine old English sport of football, is somethink we are proud about and support.

Most of our readers were probably not alive – much less remember – the glories of 1966 when for the first time a Home Nation brought the FIFA World Cup Home, but they likely remember the defeats of the previous World Cups.

But regardless of how far England progress, we are proud of what they have achieved. The team coached by Gareth Southgate and led by Harry Kane have been a force on the pitch, and the victory over Colombia was remarkable and gave us all new hope: If England could win on penalties, then surely anything else was possible?

After all, the win in 1966 was performed with the least number of goals to date at that time, but now Kane looks in the top three to win the Golden Boot.  He’s the most effieicent at converting opportunities to goals, as well as taking the least time to score in an “average game”. We’re now at the Quarter-Finals, where England has not been since 2006, and while Sweden will be a worthy opponent, England have shown themselves to be a defensive team, which can strike hard when their chances come up. They aren’t perfect, but they’re good, and they’ve broken records already. Even if, although it is doubtful they will, be knocked out by Sweden, we at the Daily Globe and the CRCC would be proud of this team that have played fair and clean, even in the face of outrageous lacks of sportsmanship, especially as displayed by Colombia.

There is room to dream now for England fans: We can bring it home; regardless of whether or not we do, we can. This is the first team from a Brexit-ing Britain and we can all break down the barriers of ‘Little England’, ‘too small to matter’ and ‘the failures’ together.

Does it matter if we only score from set peices? They have been quite a number of them and it is likely they will continue to come. After England winning the shootout I think a number of us could rightfully consider the possibility of Providence!

Forward the Three Lions – It’s coming home!

July 7: ENG vs SWE

*July 11: ENG vs RUS or CRO

*July 15: ENG vs URU, FRA, BRA, or BEL


*52 Years of Hurt Never Stop Us Dreaming

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Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.

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