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Tony Blair’s piece on Islam in the Daily Mail.

In my first blog I alluded to my mixed feelings about Blair. B-Liar is a name I see often attributed to Blair and the way New Labour operated through spin I don’t blame anybody for attributing that name to him. However, I think in regards to the Middle East he does take a pretty honest look and view on the situation. It is brave of Blair to 1. Write in the Daily Mail but 2. Not repeat the PC orthodoxy that the work of Islamic terrorists has nothing to do with Islam and is the work of a few crazies. Global Islam is unfortunately ripe with extremists, and the moderate Muslims do little to combat extremism. You can see the unholy reach of Sharia law in Britain as one example but the Boston bombings show that one does not even need an Islamic community per se to connect with extremists, they are global and can spread their message and act anywhere in the world.

People say the EDL’s actions are what the terrorists want. I don’t think that view is correct. I do think the EDL is way too extreme and is made up of many xenophobic and unsavoury types, but I at least understand the root of their anger, all be it misguided. Islamic extremists want a weak passive west that does not stand up to them and let’s them infiltrate nations globally and work towards a global caliphate. Islamic extremists, a minority within Islam but a group that is extremely militant are bullies who oppress other Muslims and want to defeat and slaughter non-Muslims. As Blair alludes to, Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist extremists do not have similar aims. The “million dollar” question than becomes, how do we react to combat the spread of Islamic extremism? In Britain I think a step in the right direction would be to deport hate monger preachers and brake up Sharia courts dominating ghettos throughout the nation. Of course education, of the type Michael Gove is advocating for, of appreciating Britain and not canonising multiculturalism is another solution. But on the foreign policy side the question becomes even more difficult. Militarily, are ability to act often leads to empowering extremists although sometimes it has produced successful results. I think the solution has to come from within Islam itself, but unfortunately that is something that we are often powerless to influence. My opinion is we in the west have to protect ourselves and our interests and pray that something happens in Islam where the moderate voices can drown out the extremists.

What are your thoughts?–Tony-Blair-launches-brave-assault-Muslim-extremism-Woolwich-attack.html


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