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Michael Gove is Spot On.

In today’s Telegraph there is a wonderful opinion piece by Michael Gove about the incompetency of the Labour opposition in contrast with the successes of the government. He makes a good & strong case & I believe he is spot on. Here are the excerpts I shared on my facebook page, my American audience is unlikely to comment on it, so I want to hear your thoughts!

“Ed Miliband managed to attend Google’s Big Tent conference. There, he gave a lecture on business ethics that held up Willy Wonka as the model of a successful modern entrepreneur and attacked Montgomery Burns – a character from The Simpsons – as a representative of the predatory capitalism that is our biggest contemporary problem.
With less than two years before the general election, the Opposition has so little of weight to say that it makes a hole in the air seem substantial. And this vacuum where an alternative government should be is the Westminster story of our time – it’s hard to think of any opposition since the middle of the 18th century that has had so little positive to put forward.
Contrast this with a Government – and PM – that has reduced the deficit, made the tax system more competitive, reformed the welfare state, cut net migration, reduced crime, made the NHS more efficient and compassionate, secured progress on the EU budget, repatriated European powers, freed millions from dictatorship, created a million new private sector jobs, presided over the largest number of business start-ups in a 12-month period in recorded history, restored rigour to GCSEs and A-levels, created 2,000 academy schools and ensured that no one on benefits earns more than the average wage….
Ed Balls responds to every development in the same way – let’s party like it’s 1929. He wants to enlist us all in sponsoring a revival of his one-man show, “Gordon Brown 2 – Return to the Edge of Bankruptcy”, the original of which gave Britain a massive structural deficit, spiralling unemployment and declining competitiveness. Miliband’s passivity in the face of his shadow chancellor’s operating style is of a piece with his wider inertia. Labour has nothing constructive to say in response to accelerating global change. It has no plan to strengthen Britain’s position in the European Union or to make the EU more competitive. It’s no surprise Miliband declines to offer a referendum – he can’t ask the electorate to ratify a decision because he seems incapable of making one….
Just last month, Miliband presented himself as a disciple of Margaret Thatcher, saying proudly, “She also believed that ideology mattered… nobody can grasp Margaret Thatcher’s achievements, and Thatcherism, without also appreciating the ideas that were its foundation.” But there is nothing strong in denying your own past and trying to appropriate someone else’s. And the contrast between the strength of Lady Thatcher and the weakness of Ed Miliband is all the starker when we consider that there is no programme of concrete policies, bound together by principles that make them intelligible and resilient, which any of us in politics can yet associate with his leadership. He is as clearly defined as a blancmange in a hurricane.”

Now to end with something controversial but I think that needs to be said, if enough good solid Conservatives vote UKIP Ed Milliband will be Prime Minister and Ed Balls will be Chancellor. Think about that thought for a moment and you recover from near death by heart attack or seizure remember to vote Conservative and reform the party from within!

& Here is the link to the article, I just realised I forgot to share that so it does not look like I’m plagerising Michael Gove!

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