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Chapter XII- The Iron Lady

Imagine yourself living in an economy so weak that even your own Prime Minister said “if I were a young man, I would emigrate.” Imagine fuel prices skyrocketing beyond affordable limits as fuel was not delivered to petrol stations as those who delivered it refused to work. Imagine the dead …

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Why do lefties tell lies about Baroness Thatcher, our greatest Prime Minister?

Why do lefties tell lies about Baroness Thatcher, our greatest Prime Minister?  It is utterly amazing how often Labour politicians, lefties on the social media and the leftie media, such as the BBC, tell utter, complete, outrageous fabrications about Margaret Thatcher. The reason for this is not just because she …

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Thoughts on the Summer Budget- A Proper Property Owning Democracy with a bit too much tinkering

There was a lot to take in after the Chancellor delivered the first Conservative-only budget in 19 years. Overall I think it was good budget but it could have been better. Therefore, I will list the most positive and most negative take-a-ways from the budget. Positive: 1. Getting people off …

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The Classless Labour Party

Labour has long been associated with the working class of the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, that association has been bad for the working class and hard working people in general. In reality, the Labour party is the party of entitlement, and as Cameron has described them many times, they are the …

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