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Why do lefties tell lies about Baroness Thatcher, our greatest Prime Minister?

Why do lefties tell lies about Baroness Thatcher, our greatest Prime Minister? 

It is utterly amazing how often Labour politicians, lefties on the social media and the leftie media, such as the BBC, tell utter, complete, outrageous fabrications about Margaret Thatcher. The reason for this is not just because she beat them, which she did. It is because she proved that their dogma, the very ideas that underpin their actions, are morally bankrupt and always fail, causing great harm to everyone. The left have no answer to this, because there isn’t one, so instead their only debate has been personal abuse against Margaret Thatcher. This abuse proves how intellectually bankrupt the left are.

Let’s take a look at some of the lies.

Allowing General Pinochet to live in England for 2 years whilst he had medical treatment, which the left use to try and accuse Thatcher of fascism. Pinochet was protected by several amnesty laws in Chile and happily returned of his own volition in 2000. And it was Pinochet who had brought democracy back to Chile with the 1988 referendum and the 1989 election. But the real reason why Thatcher did not act against Pinochet was that he was a friend of Great Britain and we owed him a lot. During the Falklands War he had moved a powerful Chilean air defence radar south and then fed all the Argentine airforce information directly to our task force. Not only that, he allowed Chilean bases to be used by the RAF and the SAS. Thatcher was loyal, something the left don’t understand.

Mines comparison 650

The left always blame Thatcher for the demise of the coal industry, but most damage was done by an intransigent trade union who refused to allow investment to increase productivity. And far more coal mines were closed by Labour Prime Ministers. Coal was in terminal decline because of the move to North Sea gas and nuclear power, because imported coal was far cheaper, because our economy was moving away from heavy industries and because domestic coal use collapsed. The coal miners’ strikes during Thatcher’s premiership were seeking to bring down a democratically elected government, as they had achieved against Ted Heath. But the British people supported Margaret Thatcher against the miners, they knew that she was right.

Reduction in coal production, in percentages:
11 years of Thatcher: 33%
11 years before Thatcher: 45%
11 years after Thatcher (Major and Blair): 72%
11 years of New Labour (Blair and Brown): 64%

The left hate that Margaret Thatcher de-nationalised many industries. Jeremy Corbyn is, unbelievably, threatening re-nationalisation. The fact is that the government is utterly useless at providing goods and services, so the less they do the better. Nationalised industries don’t have to look after customers, so they don’t. Nationalised industries don’t have to be efficient and make profits, so they don’t. Britain’s nationalised industries were utterly abysmal, execrable. Everybody in Britain suffered because they were so bad at what they did and because they cost the taxpayer so much in subsidies. Privatisation was one of Margaret Thatcher’s greatest triumphs and was so successful that it was widely copied around the world. Our phones, rail service, energy supplies, car manufacturing and so much more are now vastly better than they would otherwise have been.

Another leftie lie is that Margaret Thatcher harmed the trade unions and thus harmed their members. It must be remembered that Thatcher came to power immediately after the Winter of Discontent when just about every public service went on strike, dead bodies were not buried, hospitals were closed to patients, mountains of garbage piled up in the streets, 29,474,000 working days were lost directly and many more indirectly. We were known as the Sick Man of Europe. The trade unions were out of control and the voters wanted this fixing. Margaret Thatcher did this gradually and carefully, over several years, with 5 major Acts of Parliament. And she mainly did it by giving MORE power to trade union members, for instance by introducing secret ballots. This made the union leadership far more moderate and vastly reduced industrial action, to everyone’s benefit.

The left hate it that Margaret Thatcher reduced the rate of income tax for high earners. They completely ignore the fact that because of the Laffer Curve these lower rates resulted in the more successful workers paying a higher percentage of the income tax total. The top 10% of earners went from paying 35% of the Government’s total income tax receipts to 48% of the total. So Thatcher took more money from the successful than Labour had done. And when Blair and Brown came to power they kept the lower top rate of tax for 13 years, because they knew that it generated the most revenue.

Unemployment 650

The left say that Margaret Thatcher created mass unemployment, but the reality is that this was caused by nationalisation and by getting rid of it. The nationalised industries had been used by Labour as job creation shams, with incredibly high levels of overmanning and with most people working in them actually being unnecessary, just parasites on the taxpayer. When these industries were exposed to competition it shook out most of the people who shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Unemployment rose from Labour’s one and a half million to more than three million. But Thatcher’s rapid economic growth in the private sector created many jobs, getting this down to 2 million by the end of her premiership. So unemployment rose by a net half a million during these 11 years as British industry became a lot more efficient and a lot more productive, whilst tax payers were no longer subsidising sham jobs. It is worth noting that Gordon Brown’s 2008 recession increased unemployment back to more than two and a half million.

Not enforcing sanctions against South Africa. The left use this to make out that Margaret Thatcher was somehow a racist. This is a complete lie and furthermore it was Margaret Thatcher who ended apartheid, she was an egalitarian who hatred vested interests, such as those the whites had in South Africa. She sent Robin Renwick, now Baron Renwick of Clifton, to South Africa as Ambassador with a crack diplomatic team. They negotiated and managed the transition to multiracial democracy, including bringing ANC members to England for training at the Civil Service Staff College, so they would be able to take over and run the country. You can read all about this in Renwick’s book: “Fighting with Allies, A Journey with Margaret Thatcher”, which is essential reading for anyone trying to get to the truth about Thatcher’s premiership.

Another leftie lie is them saying that Margaret Thatcher was unpopular. In fact she won three General Elections with big majorities because she was so popular and so well liked and respected. It was (and still is) the left who were very unpopular. In 1979 James Callaghan was the losing lefty. In 1983 it was Michael Foot and in 1987 Neil Kinnock who were unpopular with the electorate and who were rejected by the people of Britain. It was only when Tony Blair came along, who copied many of Thatcher’s policies, that Labour became electable.

Manufacturing UK 650

The left say that Margaret Thatcher destroyed British Manufacturing, this is a bare faced lie. Manufacturing output increase by 7.5% during her time in power. The overall economy expanded even faster than this as Britain adapted to becoming more of a service economy. Shipbuilding, steel and coal were the major industries that shrank, because they couldn’t compete on world markets after years of socialism and trade union intransigence had made them incredibly inefficient. But the real damage to manufacturing in Britain, as you can see in the graph above. was done by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown as they failed to keep Britain competitive and relied on the City of London to pay for everything.

Thatcher miners 650

The left are nasty people, they are usually vindictive and personally abusive because, quite simply, they have no valid political argument. So they were especially vile and noxious over the death of Margaret Thatcher, amongst their claims was the absence of Thatcher’s family at her death in 2013. Thatcher had been suffering strokes since 2002 and it was one of these that killed her, so it would be difficult for the family to be there. However Thatcher’s incredible popularity with her friends and family could be seen at her 80th birthday party, which was attended by 650 guests, including the Queen. No Labour leader ever has been so popular in their old age.

Lefties lie that Thatcher committed a war crime when she sank the Belgrano. They seem ignorant of the fact that the 200 mile exclusion zone was a warning to neutral shipping and had nothing to do with the conduct of hostilities against Argentina. They had started the war by invading the Falkland Islands. The Belgrano was an immediate threat to the British task force, so was sunk, presumably the left would have preferred it to be left in action to sink British ships. Argentine navy offices have said that the sinking was legitimate and justified.

Yet another lie is that Margaret Thatcher cut public services. She didn’t, she actually increased public spending by 17.6%, a substantial rise. But she was so successful economically that the total % of GDP in the parasitic public sector fell from 45.1% to 39.4%, with a corresponding increase in the productive private sector. So she rebalanced the economy to make it more successful whilst still looking after public services.

Lefties always try to invoke class warfare. Yet Thatcher came from a humble background and her success was achieved on her own merit, something that anyone in Britain can emulate with aptitude and hard work. She definitely did not look after “Tory Toffs” as the left claim. In fact the opposite is true, Thatcher hated all vested interests and acted against all of them. So her reforms of the financial sector got rid of many monopolies and the “old boy’s network” and replaced it with free market competition. And her privatisations brought share ownership to everyone. Remember Tell Sid. The opposite of looking after Tory Toffs.

You have almost certainly heard most of these lies, you may even have believed some of them. But now you know the truth.

This post was originally published by the author 3 May 2016

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