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Slavery and British Wealth in the 18th and 19th Centuries

The Industrial Revolution occurred in the UK in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. How far was this due to slavery or other intrinsic factors? There is clear evidence that the Industrial Revolution has its roots in the early to mid eighteenth century. The world’s first, large iron bridge was built …

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The Reality of the EU

Here is a guide for Remain voters so that they can answer the charge that they are focusing on vilifying UK Leave voters rather than supporting an exciting project for the future of the UK. On immigration they can point out that the EU now has a Return Directive so that those …

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Global Economy on the Rocks?

This article was written 30th April 2019, let it not be said that no-one could have foreseen the coming difficulties. The most worrying indicator is global trade volume: This has had the expected effect on global industrial production: Notice that the downturn is affecting all economic regions this time around.  …

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Brexit is not to blame for Honda moving out of the UK. The EU is.

February 2019, Honda announced that it would wind down operations at its Swindon plant in the UK, halting production completely by 2021. Remainers seized on this piece of news as evidence that Brexit was hurting the economy, and causing jobs and companies to flee the UK. The Senior Vice President for Honda …

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Why do lefties tell lies about Baroness Thatcher, our greatest Prime Minister?

Why do lefties tell lies about Baroness Thatcher, our greatest Prime Minister?  It is utterly amazing how often Labour politicians, lefties on the social media and the leftie media, such as the BBC, tell utter, complete, outrageous fabrications about Margaret Thatcher. The reason for this is not just because she …

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