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The Classless Labour Party

Labour has long been associated with the working class of the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, that association has been bad for the working class and hard working people in general. In reality, the Labour party is the party of entitlement, and as Cameron has described them many times, they are the Welfare party. However, if you compare them to the actions of Conservatives in moments in life, and now even death, it is apparent the Labour party behaves in an utterly despicable manner. Here are three large examples of Labour’s misdeeds.

1. Look at how the Labour party acted in the wake of the death of Margaret Thatcher vs. how the Conservatives acted in the wake of the recent deaths of Tony Benn and Bob Crow. When Margaret Thatcher died there were death parties. They talked about how horrible she was and danced on her grave. When two very militant leftists, Bob Crow and Tony Benn, died the Conservative response has been nothing but respectful. The “Conservative” (well at least he used to be) speaker of the House John Bercow has even proposed having Benn lie in state. Crow and Benn were old fashioned dinosaur leftists who were basically Communists. Crow lived in a council house despite making a very hefty salary and gouged taxpayers to pay exorbitant underground fares for the benefit of himself and his union. Benn, on the other hand, represented a militant tendency on the left that, to quote Telegraph columnist Benedict Brogan: “Mr Benn was a political fighter of the first order, who championed a hard-Left cause that helped make Labour unelectable for a generation. He led an often vicious struggle to change the country for the worse. Had he succeeded Britain would have been finished, or as good as. That he led his revolution from a big expensive house was just one of the many ironies that prompted most on the Right and quite a few on the Left to deride him – with varying degrees of vehemence – as one of the great frauds of our time.” Yet we on the right have been rightly respectful and have praised both men as being men of principle, despite our political disagreements with them. Yes, when Thatcher died Miliband was respectful, but a very large, sizeable, portion of his party, dare I say the majority of them, were not.

2. Labour has been a master of dirty tricks for electoral politics for generations. They let people languish on the dole for generations, out of work, while they brought in immigrants to replace them at record numbers in the workforce under the era of New Labour. Before Thatcher, they let the country rot under the failed Attlee welfare state, taking Britain from a proud victorious world power at the end of World War II to an almost third world basket case that received an IMF loan by the 1970s. After Thatcher saved the economy in the 1980s, they blamed her and not the NUM or other unions, who refused to adapt to economic realities for the failures in the north. They also have never admitted they closed more coal pits than Thatcher, and that manufacturing output actually rose under her. Labour did absolutely nothing to help these people besides giving them a cheque for government work, or for no work at all, to continue voting for their party. They nearly bankrupted the country with their wild spending during the Blair and Brown years and because of the rigged electoral boundaries they drew (and with the help of the Conservative coalition partners, the Lib Dems) they have a chance to return to power. They are also masters at intimidation and questionable postal voting practises, for evidence of that look at how they treated UKIP in the last by-election.

3. Lastly, Labour is a party with no ideas besides a destructive “mansion” (homeowners) tax. They like the Democrats in the US, rule for power’s sake. They have no plans to reform the UK’s relationship with the EU, and will not give voters a say on it. They have no plans to reform welfare, reduce people’s tax burden or any plans of any sort that don’t amount to spending more of the British people’s hard earned pounds. And when the Conservative policies have led to record employment, people coming out of welfare and the highest growth in 7 years, Labour cannot explain what Tories are doing wrong, besides appealing to base class instinct of hatred for the successful (yes, including Etonians), despite inflation being low, income inequality falling. Best of all, Ed Miliband and the people around him  are wealthy champagne socialists totally out of touch with the people they claim to care about.

The great budget today and the Conservatives respectful attitude towards fallen socialist heroes show they are a responsible party of adults that want to help the country. Labour’s continued actions show they are an non-serious party with no ideas other than obsession for nothing but power.

About Ted Yarbrough

Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.

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