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An interview with Luke George

Hear Vivek Rajkhowa interview Daily Globe author and contributor Luke George! Topics include Brexit, David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, the Commonwealth, the United States of America, the British Empire and free speech among other topic. A very good interview that allows Luke George to express his astute views. Watch it below:

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Brexit Means a New Britain, an Innovator in Trade, Diplomacy and Development.

The Department for International Development has seen an increase in its size over recent years as the British government attempts to invest at least 0.7% of government spending into its budget. The same is for the Foreign Office which receives £1.1 billion annually and the department for international trade which …

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Good news in Zimbabwe! Now Britain and the Commonwealth must stand ready to help if needed.

Finally. The evil despot Robert Mugabe has been deposed and the scenes of joy on display in Zimbabwe have been truly heart warming. Gone is the man who drove his country to have starving trillionaires and 95% unemployment. Gone is the man who drove his country to have the world’s …

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The Commonwealth – Past, Present and Future
 – Article Three: History Part 2: 1815-1898

In this, the third article of the series on the Commonwealth, we will discover how the grow of the British Empire following the victory in the Napoleonic Wars shaped and folded what would become the Commonwealth. Key to this was the development of a national feeling in many of the …

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Understanding Euroscepticism

Recently, I read an interesting “explanation” from the Economist about Eurosceptism. To play what the Economist gets right & what they get wrong (in my humble opinion…it’s of course possible that they are completely right but this article seems the work of a lazy europhile) What the Economist gets RIGHT: …

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