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United Commonwealth Society Manifesto

We, the United Commonwealth Society believe:

  1. The Commonwealth is a force for good in the world and should be strengthened and renewed so that it can continue to play an important role in the world.
  2. The Commonwealth bonds of family and kinship that stretch back over a thousand years are still important and relevant today.
  3. All members of the Commonwealth, large and small, have a part to play in the Commonwealth’s future albeit via different paths that are unique to them.
  4. That the bonds of family, history, language, and recognition of Queen Elizabeth II, and Her successors, as Head of the Commonwealth are the glue that keeps the Commonwealth together and ensures its longevity.
  5. That the Commonwealth should speak on the world stage with a unified voice to protect its people and values in a fast changing world.
  6. The Commonwealth must remain vigilant against forces that would like to see its division and dissolution.
  7. The Commonwealth Realms, working together within the Commonwealth, have a unique chance to strengthen the Commonwealth for the greater good.
  8. The Commonwealth Realms should form a collective union using the commonality of Head of State, legal systems and language as the framework for greater co-operation while still maintaining sovereignty.
  9. The first step to a Realm Union would be an informal meeting of the Prime Ministers to discuss and agree common ground and future areas of co-operation.
  10. A Realm Union can be achieved without any protracted negotiations due to the similarities and family connections.
  11. Full sovereignty and self-determination can be guaranteed within a Realm Union.
  12. A Realm Union could be the only way for the Commonwealth Realms to maintain their sovereignty in a fast changing globalised world.
  13. Individual requirements of a Realm can be met within a Realm Union without descending into discord.
  14. If a non-realm Commonwealth member wishes to return or become a Commonwealth Realm they would then be eligible to join the Realm Union.
  15. As the success of a Realm Union progresses the members of the Union could agree together the admission of other Commonwealth members into an associate status (unless they follow the path in Article 14).
  16. Far into the future the Realm Union could form the basis of a mutual confederation where common matters such as defence could be formalised and discussed at a confederate level.
  17. Smaller Commonwealth members including the overseas territories and dependencies would be safer and stronger with the strengthened Commonwealth and the framework of a Realm Union.
  18. It would be feasible and beneficial for the overseas territories and dependencies to play a full role suited to their circumstances within the Realm Union.
  19. The Realm Union is likely to start with an informal union between CANZUK, the proud nations of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Other members can be added quickly and easily without hinderence due to their common traits.
  20. Protectionism and isolationism are not practices beneficial for the future prosperity of the Commonwealth people. The Commonwealth must use its position of over 2 billion people and land mass stretching the world to its advantage and make moves to influence the globalisation agenda to ensure it is fair to all nations and helps to protect the world without unnecessary intrusion from political and corporate influence.

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About Jon-Paul Teasdale

Jon-Paul Teasdale is Chairman of the United Commonwealth Society. He has spent over fifteen years working in public service, and is currently a supervisor in the north west of England. He has a keen amateur interest in history, politics and the Commonwealth, and is the founder of Greater Better Britain.

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