Saturday , May 25 2024

Weekly Globe Episode 10 #podcast

This is the tenth in a series of weekly podcasts featuring Ted Yarbrough and Isaac Anderson. The podcast summarised the latest in Brexit, Charlie Gard, Justine Greening and her transgender policy,  and concluded with a progress report on the CRCC- the Commonwealth, Realms & CANZUK campaign. We hope readers enjoy the Weekly Globe podcasts. You can listen to it here:

Times where articles are discussed:

0:00- Introduction

0:30 – Brexit, Phillip Hammond, the possible transitional period and chlorinated chicken.

23:30- The Case of Charlie Gard

31:10- Justine Greening and her “Gender Reform” proposals

45:10- The latest from the Commonwealth, Realms & CANZUK Campaign

About Ted Yarbrough

Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.

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  1. Isaac Anderson

    Honored and glad to hear that the Prime Minister likes our suggestion to show some #StrongAndStableLeadership over the Cabinet Brexit Leaks.

    Can we therefore infer that the PM listens to the Weekly Globe?

    • Ted Yarbrough

      I think everyone in Westminster must, surely. And if they don’t- they should!