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Trinidad Youth Prime Minister – Choose May’s stable vision over Corbyn’s jam making skill & false promises.

With just one day to go before the Polls open throughout the United Kingdom I make a sincere plea to the Youth of the UK not to fall victim to the false promises of the left and hold on strongly to the stability, performance as well as vision of the Conservative Party led by Theresa May.
In Early April Theresa May stood in front of Number 10 and informed the World that she was seeking a new mandate which not only demonstrated the strength we have seen ever so often by the Maidenhead MP, but also the courage and wit which she plans to enact to negotiate the best brexit deal.
In the past months I have grown to admire and love Theresa May as a Youth because in a Political World where leaders are more concerned about Political Correctness, Political Points and even those ideologies which give them Political gain ,Theresa has worked to put the needs and interest of others above her own. If you need a reminder remember the phrase “Brexit means Brexit”
It is on that notion I sincerely hope that the Youth of the United Kingdom work to elect and keep the values of Theresa May. In this Campaign we have seen Jeremy Corbyn promise the “land of milk and honey” but he nor any one of his members (the few that support his stewardship) have sought to justify where these means will come from. In essence Jeremy Corbyn is a man without a plan seeking to play on the emotions of the vulnerable without even creating a map to real sustenance. What is even worse is that Corbyn has sought to create a vision which contradicts his 35 year old political record of failure – what a hypocrite.
Throughout this 2017 Snap Election Campaign the incumbent Prime Minister and Conservative Leader has shown why she must be resoundingly re-elected on Thursday as she has presented a credible, viable, attainable , productive and innovative plan on taking the UK forward. One of the major aspects which stood out to me on her campaign was her pledge to fight Domestic Violence and even create a Commission to do such. In today’s World thrust to achieve Gender parity I believe this is a massive step in the Global context. As a young person it would be unfortunate for one to vote against that agenda for one of Abbott who has no clue about Politics.
As one continued to monitor the the 12 point plan envisioned by Theresa May throughout her campaign amidst the lies, attacks and fairy tales of the Left-wing Corbynites one could see that Theresa has a well defined vision for the UK which is people centered and progress driven. As we continue to come to terms with the cruel acts of weak terrorist I believe her plans to curb migration and end radicalism even if it means violating Human rights laws is what the UK economy and social system needs. After all , enough is enough. When one looks at her commitment to protecting worker rights, delivering free trade and protecting pensions one can only admit the UK economy is in good hands.
On Thursday 8th June 2017- the choice for the Electorate is clear. It is between one person who has a plan, has a vision and has experience in the Form of Theresa May as opposed to one who has been sympathetic to terrorist, never served in any Cabinet Post and was making jam during train-gate which was caused by his less than truthful accord.
Please don’t make the mistake which Trinidadians committed on September 7th 2015 when they voted out the stable leadership of the incumbent Peoples Partnership Administration for the false promises of the left. Today 20 months following the promises of a better life we in Trinidad and Tobago battle 3 murders per day, 23,000 job losses in 20 months, a contracting economy and a credit rating carried to junk status. 
Don’t be like us, defend the British and UK way of life which is one that centers upon making a society where all can achieve their dreams sustainably without burdening others.
Vote Theresa May for a better UK and World.
Yours Sincerely,
Nicholas Morris
Youth Prime Minister Trinidad and Tobago
Former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador
Former UN Youth Ambassador 

About Nicholas Morris

Nicholas Morris is the Youth Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. Nicholas Morris has served as the Nation's Commonwealth Youth Ambassador between the period 2011-2015 as well as the UN Youth Rep. between the period of 2013 -2015 having represented the nation in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Australia, UK Nicholas Morris has been actively involved in the local Politics of Trinidad and Tobago as he served as the Chairman of the United National Congress Youth Arm during the party's tenure in Government (2010-2015) and now serves as the International Affairs Officer of the United National Congress. Nicholas Morris is currently the Parliamentary Adviser to the Opposition Chief Whip of Trinidad and Tobago . He became the Youngest Advsior to a Cabinet Minister when he was appointed as Adviser to the Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago in 2013 (2013-2014). In 2011 became one of the Youngest Directors of a State Company when he was appointed as Director of the Youth Training Employment Partnership Program Limited (YTEPP LTD)(2011-2017) Nicholas Morris is the grandson of a Welsh World War Veteran (Wilfred Morris) and has written many articles within the local media on the importance of British values, British Development , Impact of the UK on World Development and has been featured in the UK newspapers - Dailymail UK for his article "Thank you Britain" He has formed the movement TT Conservatives to spread the Conservative values within Trinidad and Tobago.

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