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The Fight for Independence continues. What next?

A pro-EU Parliament is in the process of refusing to implement the EU Referendum result.  It is two years and nine months since the Referendum and the best Parliament can offer is a further delay of almost two years.  A delay of 5 years amounts to MPs putting up two fingers to the people who voted for independence and those who voted for the two main Parties to implement it.

What should those who wish to keep Britain independent do now?

The most important lesson from the past three years is that without a majority of MPs supporting Independence in Parliament it will not happen.

Those who want independence must no longer vote Labour to stop the Tories, Tory to stop Labour.  Both of these parties will reduce Britain to a region of the EU within 20 or 30 years so it is pointless voting for them. (See Reasons for Independence).   Labour and Tory are both devoted to governing themselves and the Nation into oblivion.  Either the Conservatives should split to form the UK Conservatives who back Britain or a new, inclusive Independence Party should be formed that focusses on independence.

The campaign for Independence must gain the moral high ground on racism.

The professional PR agencies in the UK have known for decades that in UK 

politics it is crucial to label the opposition racist before any other words are spoken.  The EU campaign is truly the racist option but despite this it has succeeded in convincing its followers that it is those who want a diversity of independent Nations who are racist.  See Why Independence? for a discussion of EU racism.   The failure of those who support Independence to educate the population about EU racism means most EU supporters are now so indoctrinated that they do not realise they are being made into racists. Those who support Independence should take every opportunity to let the EU supporters know that supporting the EU is racist. The success of the EU at fooling people into thinking that wanting independence is racist is the main reason people support losing diversity and difference in the single EU culture and economy.

The EU campaign was brutal.  Those fighting for Independence should learn from this and be just as brutal.

EU sympathisers attempted to throw the entire country into confusion by leaving it leaderless after the Referendum and attempted to wreck its economy with wild predictions of economic catastrophe.  EU sympathisers were even prepared to tear apart their own political parties.  To gain independence we must be aware of the ruthlessness of the EU.  They are playing to win.

The EU fifth column used their broadcast media ruthlessly.  Every opportunity must be taken for the implementation of the BBC charter to be removed from Ofcom and so taken out of the hands of pro-EU big business..

The role of the European Movement’s Bilderberg Group should be exposed.  In many ways the strength of the EU sympathisers was due to the vast resources that were available to them as a result of the massive assistance rendered by multinational corporations. (See Who is paying for Remain).

The accusations of Russian involvement in the Referendum were absurd (even the worst claims were for only as many tweets as a single avid Twitter user might have made) but pro-EU Irish, US Investment Bank and European Movement involvement in UK politics was everywhere.  This issue should not be allowed to rest.  The Electoral Commission should be pressurised at every turn to correct this iniquity.  UK subsidiaries must be regarded as foreign companies when assessing contributions to campaigns.

Second referendums on constitutional issues within a few years of the first will mean that such referendums no longer have a time limit of a generation.

Any future second EU Referendum must follow a second Referendum on Scottish Independence.  It is pointless having the Scots decide a constitutional issue for the UK only to leave the UK a couple of years later.  The same applies to Northern Ireland.  Prior to any second Referendum the constitutional status of Ireland and Scotland must be resolved.

Most important of all those who campaign for Independence must not use the EU terms “Leave” and “Brexit” for independence.  Once these terms are used the campaign is 20% lost. 

 The Brexit Party is already falling for EU propaganda by using the term “Brexit”. We are fighting to keep our independence, not to break up the EU.  Having named itself, the Brexit Party must at the least be “Brexit Party – Fighting for our Independence”.

Remember, there are no Remain supporters, these are just people who work for the interests of the EU, there are no Leave supporters, just people who work for the interests of Britain.

Remember that EU campaigners are disingenuous

EU supporters, often members of the European Movement, debate by asking those who favour independence to justify their position on specific issues.  The debate will often not yield any convincing conclusion because the EU operatives have prepared the issue. This method of debate is entirely disingenuous.The simple fact is that EU operatives desire the full union of the UK with the EU so that the UK becomes a region.  We do not.  The issue is not divisible into debatable chunks. That regions do not have self government is embodied in the meaning of the word “region” and any sophistry to try to make out that being governed by the EU is the same as being governed by the UK is simply nonsense.

Always remember that EU campaigners are disingenuous, they will argue that there is no chance of the EU becoming a political union whilst believing that this will happen, that the UK will never use the Euro whilst praying for this to occur.  Don’t be taken in and inform all members of Independence groups of the disingenuous methods being used by the European Movement so that they can refuse to discuss specifics and focus on why the EU operatives want Franco-German government, why they want a single economy and culture over the whole continent, why they hate diversity and why they desire huge labour flows into this small island.

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Dr John Sydenham has worked in International Pharmaceuticals and for one of the "big four" International Consultancies. He ran a successful company for 15 years and after selling the company devotes his time to travel, science, black labradors and freedom.

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  1. Kenneth Dunn

    As far as I am concerned this country voted to LEAVE the EU, which I am not sure we were legally dragged in to, in the first place. On a ballot paper we were asked do we want to stay in or leave. The MAJORITY voted LEAVE. So we had the REFERENDUM we voted leave WTF are you lot still talking about. We voted leave. Simple. So why do you now have some fools idea regarding a no deal brexit stopping you signing the paper…..WE VOTED OUT…..SO SIGN THE BLOODY PAPER OR DISSOLVE PARLIAMENT AND LET HM THE QUEEN SIGN US OUT.

  2. John Pate

    When many of the world’s colonies were fighting for their independence during the 20th century, I’d never dreamed that my own country would be doing the same in the 21st. The only difference is their leaders headed the fight, ours are resisting.

  3. Linda Goldsmith

    This article should be widely spread for all brexiteers to read.

  4. R. Frank Wilson

    Why a new independence party? Ther is one which fulfills all the criteria – the Social Democratic Party

  5. Isaac Anderson

    Excellent article John – you always get to the root of the issue, and your analysis is extremely pertinent.