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The EU is on the March!

As many as 750 thousand people marched on London Saturday to demand that the UK does not become independent of the EU.  If they succeed in overturning the EU Referendum the pro-EU faction in the UK will be completely empowered.  The path to the full integration of the UK with the EU will be open and the UK will no longer block the EU project as it has done for the last 30 years.

If the Referendum were overturned in a Second Referendum the pro-EU faction will say that the Second Referendum authorises their policies.  The UK will join the Eurozone with national budgetary policy being set by the Eurogroup like other Eurozone countries.  The UK representatives on the EU Council will approve further integration and extensions to EU control.  (See Reasons for Independence).

If the pro-EU extremists succeed then, with the backing of the UK, the EU will rapidly become a full nation and EU nationalism will be ascendant.  Looking at the nationalist flags and EU nationalist fervour on the faces of the crowd in London made me shudder with recognition, there is a dangerous contagion spreading through Europe that is about a new nationalism, not love and peace.

A note on the EU Far Right

The UK is the only country in Europe where the European Movement does not openly declare that the EU project is about full political union in the EU.  In the UK they maintain the fiction that ever closer integration has no effect on independence because the British middle class desperately want to believe this.  There is no doubt at all that the foundational literature of the EU, the preambles to the Treaties and almost all non-UK EU leaders say that political union is the goal of the EU.  The EU Nationalists in the UK simply lie through their teeth about this hoping to confuse the voters (like Briar Rabbit!).

As the Eurozone countries become more integrated EU Nationalism is a growing policy amongst the EU Far Right.  The Far Right in the EU have beliefs that lie to the right of the British UKIP party.  In France Marine Le Pen’s “National Rally” party is looking like a major contender in the May EU Parliamentary elections and even looks like becoming the main opposition to Macron in 2022.  Hungary has a far right government and Italy is, by British standards, far right.  Even in Germany the far right AfD is the main opposition party. At present these parties have been linked to the old nation states but with the recent policy shift of National Rally and AfD to working within the Eurozone it will be EU Nationalism that will complete their rise to power.  The defeat of the UK by the EU would vindicate their policy shift, confirming that no nation will ever gain independence from the EU. The fact that the pro-EU faction in the UK oppose the diversity offered by nations and openly talk of the “benefits” of us all being the same shows that they are racists who may well swing behind the EU Nationalism of the EU Right given enough time.  The EU will be on the march and we have seen that march before in Europe.

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  1. Isaac Anderson

    Pertinent analysis, John: As things build up to this Brexit Crescendo, I have a chilling feeling of deja vu…

  2. This is worth a read as it indicates numbers of EU protesters were between 3-400,000.