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The Choice is now Brexit or Project Fear – just like in the Referendum

After they signed May’s Withdrawal Agreement the EU said there would be no more negotiations. They stood firm on this during two “deadlines” in March and May. There really are no more negotiations possible.

This means the UK can either Leave with a No Deal/WTO Brexit or Revoke Article 50.  These are the only alternatives being left to the UK by the EU.

No Deal will be fine (see Why Brexit will be fine, deal or no deal) but the Remain lobby will build up a ferocious Project Fear campaign saying that No Deal will cause utter poverty, plague and megadeaths.  They will attempt to fool the population into believing that further negotiations are possible in the hope of further delaying any decision.

The choice confronting voters and government is still the same as that in 2016:

The choice is Independence versus Project Fear as it always has been.

Let us hope that we finally get a government with the courage to explain why Project Fear is largely lies spread by the European Movement and its allies.  Lets hope we finally have a government with the courage to take us out of the EU.

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