Friday , June 21 2024

Surely you’ve all got your protest picture for Instagram by now? So go home already.

The moronic whingers and liberals have spent the last week or so in uproar. For anyone who isn’t aware, let’s not pretend anymore that this is about justice for any individual or group of people. This has been nothing but an excuse for selfish entitled people to have a carefree time without consequences, as they’ve spent the last few years guilt tripping the law into finally and quite literally kneeling as they run riot. The same people who think they’re protesting police killings which, while horrible, props up a controversy once or twice every couple of years at the most, commonly enough to give Fiat 500 twitter and BTEC Hair and Beauty students the chance to get one step closer to “influencer” status on social media but not quite common enough for them to give much of a second thought to it when it’s no longer trending on their timelines.

They seem to think they have the monopoly on calling out the police state. They do not. The rest of us on the right (the actual right and not the sloppy wet liberals who think a graph going up means things must be good) have been talking about a growing state in the west for years with hate speech laws, virtue signalling police associations, and expanding surveillance of your lawful actions for years. All the while a blind eye has been turned in places like Rochdale and Rotherham along with our shores which this summer has seen an overwhelming amount of boat people landing or being escorted back with open arms by the border agency.

The liberals have said nothing about this stuff and neither have the moderate right wingers, in fact many have even joined in for fear of repercussion by these cultural Marxists who wrongfully think they’re the real counter to the establishment. The riots seem now to have diverted their attention however, turning away from ordinary people’s homes and businesses that they’ve been burning down and instead focusing their efforts on any piece of historical and cultural material to the UK. They want statues taking down. Let’s not pretend for one minute their strawman arguments of “so you’re going to defend the statue of a slaver?” are anything other than whataboutery and let’s also not pretend that’s where the line is with these people. As we’ve seen in the last week they want British and American history to be something we should only ever feel guilty about if we have white skin when we hear it. Praise of our historical figures is cancelled unless we add a “but…” at the end of it regardless of whether the figure had anything from a controversial opinion to something much more significant. The woke left care not that Winston Churchill lead the fight against actual Fascists, it still meant his statue had to be desecrated with the words “was a racist”, or the statue of Queen Victoria in Leeds which had the words “slave trader” scrawled upon it, and ironically the word “Educate” underneath that. Perhaps if they had taken their attention from their social media accounts as they posted their protest selfies and instead actually did two minutes of research into the issue of what they are vandalising for then they would find that Britain had abolished slavery in the Empire before Victoria ever ascended the throne.

Let’s also not forget the irony that anytime someone mentions the criminal acts of Antifa, the cultural Marxists operating under its banner seem to consider themselves equal to that of our soldiers who fought at D-Day, I’m sure you’ve all seen those posts comparing themselves. Rather counter-productive to their cause really, if they think our troops truly were the original Antifa then why do the vandals keep desecrating their cenotaphs and war memorials? Unless, of course, are Antifa admitting at last their own organisation is in fact “Fascist” if they’re both equal to our brave troops as well as calling our troops the bad guys?

This is the culture war that has been forced upon us, those of us on the right never wanted it but we did warn about it. The signs have been there in the West, the politically correct mob and liberal metropolitan class have spat on ordinary people for years trying to make us feel guilty for our way of life, our past, and even just for existing. It has contributed to the fightback with our vote to leave the EU, a landslide against a Labour party who has taken the working class vote for granted and the election of President Trump in the US.

If the mob want to stoke fight, they’ll have one. Most ordinary people regardless of race or creed are much more patient than they, but that patience is wearing thin.

About Adam Cornett

Adam is a Conservative concerning economic and social issues with a Libertarian streak on civil issues and foreign policy, the latter of which interests him most. From the town of Oldham and currently studying for his LL.B at Manchester Law School with ambitions of achieving a Reserve Commission. Has represented the Daily Globe on RT UK and is open to other inquiries.

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  1. I predict that after 30th June there will be no demonstrations and no broadcast media coverage. Why is it essential for the Corporate Elite to rattle the Government and country before 30th June? The lesson of the past four years is that the Corporate Elite are absolutely ruthless.