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Libya, soon to be known as “the rod that broke the back of the European Union”.

Let me lay out my concerns over the upcoming crisis in Libya, one which will break the EU into pieces, if not accepted and addressed immediately.

This is simple.  The facts are there.  The debate is just not happening.  Yet.

UK media half-heartedly cover the Libyan crisis, in small news reports.  They prefer to give coverage for a few days to a pro-immigration publicity stunt by the Pope.  This keeps the poor war-torn Syrian families firmly in the minds of an unsuspecting public.  It would be poor timing, with an upcoming Referendum, to allow UK voters to know the truth.

Let’s turn our minds to Libya (and Italy, since that’s the main port of call for Libyan migrants).

ISIS control virtually all people-smuggling in Libya.

This is a worrying point, one which is hardly ever mentioned.  Why, one asks?  Surely the potential threat this could cause to EU security is worthy of mention, at least?

ISIS control Libyan People SmugglingISIS take over Libya People Smuggling RouteSurely the fact that every single boat launched from Libya is funding ISIS-led terrorism and ensuring that every single migrant arriving at the shores of the EU could be, potentially, a jihadi fighter MUST concern some people?  Obviously not all will be jihadi fighters, but consider the numbers and imagine the potential mess of Europe if even 1 in a 100 WERE.

Now, consider for a moment, if ISIS were even mental enough to PAY migrants to become jihadis?

Up to 800,000 migrants are waiting to cross.

This is not in dispute, except that the number is obviously increasing every single day.  Let us also remember that every single ‘projection’ of potential migration numbers has been laughably low, when actual numbers begin to emerge.

Now, consider again the ISIS involvement and imagine the carnage we face if, indeed, 1 in 100 of these migrants is a fighter.  The Paris Attacks were carried out by a mere handful.

What if they got really cocky and sent 5 in every 100 (potentially 40,000 jihadi fighters)?

North African migrants are, almost exclusively, adult males

Ah, we’ve seen it before.  The Calais and Dunkirk camps are full of adult male migrants.  Anywhere the North African route supplies most migrants to, it’s predominantly male.

Here’s a recent boat, see the women?

Migrants arriving in Italy, November 2015.

Migrants arriving in Italy, November 2015.

Now, consider one final thing when we consider that potentially 95% of the 800,000 migrants coming in from Libya are male.  Once an asylum application is approved in the EU, each of these male migrants is legally entitled to send for his family.  Consider how that might swell the immigration numbers, just for a moment.

The crossing season has begun

Already we are hearing mumblings about Italy and their receipt of migrants.  It cannot be ignored.  The season has begun in earnest.  It is only NOW that the Libya route will crank up the numbers.

Italy migrant crisis increasing

6000 arrived from Tuesday to Saturday past.  This will increase as soon as word filters back that boats are making it.

This crisis will not be swept under the carpet in order to hide the truth from unsuspecting UK Referendum voters.  It will rapidly become a problem of epic proportions because the EU hasallowed it to happen.  It will not remain hidden until late in June, the numbers are just too high.

What if our next terrorist attack on mainland Europe is simply a single boat away?  It took the Paris Attackers less than 6 weeks to make their way from Greece to their targets in Paris.

The UK will get our fair share of these migrants

To think the UK will remain immune to this Italy/Libya crisis is folly.

Firstly, the EU will need money, lots of it.  The Italian economy is already shaky.  It cannot afford the economic burden of potentially 800,000 migrants.  The UK will be forced to hand over a share.  To doubt it is to be beyond naïve.

Oh, we'll PAY alright...

Oh, we’ll PAY alright…

Told us we'd not have to prop up the Euro either...

Told us we’d not have to prop up the Euro either…

Secondly, the UK has been one of the worst victims of the drip-feed of undocumented immigrants, allowed to roam freely across the mainland of Europe.  The UK currently has 863,000 ILLEGAL immigrants, without even going into detail about the number of genuine, LEGAL, asylum seekers we receive daily.  This figure was from 2012, so imagine how high it has reached now.

express-863Thirdly, the EU already has plans to share out the 2015 intake of migrants (Merkel’s Million as they are commonly referred to).  The camps are full, the economic burden too much on some countries to shoulder alone.  To add another million or two onto the top of this is just not physically possible.  The sharing-out process will have to happen and quickly.

Italy are already calling for migrants to be shared out.

Italy is already calling for migrants to be shared out.

EU to share out migrants

Once here, we will not be allowed to deport them.

This has often been bandied around by some elements of the press as a Far-right propaganda tool.  The fact is, recent cases have proven that the UK does not have the right to deport who we want.  We have to abide by the EU rules and what we might consider ‘safe countries’ are considered unsafe by the EU.

UK cannot deport foreign criminalsThe EU ‘establishment’ are covering this crisis up

Of course they are.  The UK Referendum in June is their sole focus at present.  To lose that referendum could spell the end of their ambitious EU Super-State project.

The EU and the UK ‘Remain’ camps would be seriously concerned were the UK voting public to waken up fully to the crisis looming in the mists of a messy 2016 summer.  If they can get this past June, they will do so.

Their only problem is, the crisis is not working to their timetable.  It is here.  It is now.  It won’t be ignored.  Every day the EU dawdles over this, it will exponentially grow, festering like a boil which will eventually burst all on its own.

So, what will happen?

Who knows?

The EU will, indeed, dawdle.  They will push this crisis down the line until the end of June, when it will not be a ‘mere crisis’, but an ‘epic crisis’.  The numbers will cause division within member states on a level never seen before.

Think about the end of 2015.  Nobody knew about Cologne.  The Paris attacks only happened in November.  Brussels was not even on anyone’s radar as being the nest of radicalism it turned out to be.  Then consider how quickly EU member states will put up the defences this time, now they know what they can expect.

These migrants from North Africa will be a serious mixture from vastly differing societies, but they will undoubtedly bring disease, terror and lawlessness on a scale we could only imagine, from our experiences with those arriving from the Middle East.

Who do I trust to keep UK borders safe from this new, particularly virulent strain, of migrant invasion?  I think I’d prefer the British.  Time to let the mainland get on with whatever they intended in the first place when they invited this invasion.

#Brexit, this is utter madness.  The moment the UK votes for Brexit, the rest of the EU members will immediately close their borders to this fresh onslaught and only then will it be addressed, properly.

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This article was originally published by the author 21 April 2016.

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