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It’s Time To Bring Back Conservatism

Conservatism; what does that phrase mean to people? Markets, perhaps?

Or does it mean; Crown, Church and Country?

Being a conservative in the Conservative Party, at times, feels quite a lonely place. Putting your neck above the parapet and championing the old fashioned values of Toryism in the 21st Century, sadly, feels like a big no-no and somehow I should stay quiet, in order to keep winning elections. Yet, what about principles? What about beliefs? What about defending what made Britain great?

We need to start making the case for Conservatism again and I’m willing to do that.

I want to invite you, the reader, to picture a Britain without any of its historic village Churches on the skyline of our communities, every piece of natural beauty built upon by concrete and a wider nation which raises its children to think only of themselves, all driven by greed and its perpetuity.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? So, why are we sleep walking into that very existence?

Edmund Burke, a man I greatly admire, once wrote; “If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free; if our wealth commands us, we will be poor indeed”. Let’s think on that statement for a second: ‘if our wealth commands us, we will be poor indeed’. You see, to a Tory, we will be champion of an economy but unlike some of our party counterparts do not see the enamour of the politic behind it. It is simply a means to an end. The wealth which surrounds us, however, is the wealth which needs protection – it’s that wealth which is priceless and irredeemable once lost.

That’s why I am proud to say I am Chairman of a movement now known as The Britannia Alliance. Started in Autumn 2017 by Matt Gravill, I was delighted when he approached me to be the Chair. What is even more wonderful though is the fact our membership is full of people who are youthful. I am only in my mid-twenties myself but to know there are several others like me is a great feeling. To know there is an energy around Toryism’s revival gives me great hope for the adventure ahead.

Yet, we can not and must not, be complacent. In order to regain our place at the top table we must stand firm and fight tooth and nail against a world which is set up against the things we feel so passionately about. I’m often telling friends across all political persuasions, not all change has been for the better, in recent times and it will take a group such as ours to prove that sometimes things are best kept as they are. To quote the opening lines of our constitution; “The Britannia Alliance believes that Britons have a solemn duty to preserve the best of their rich cultural inheritance and to hand it down intact to future generations, retaining Britain’s ancient institutions while safeguarding the hard-won liberties of the individual”.

That is what we are fighting for and why I firmly believe, with a little luck, grit and determination, we can be a force for good in our party & wider afield. No matter how long it takes. It’s a case worth making.

About Robin Popley

Robin Popley is the Chairman of The Britannia Alliance. He is a History Graduate who works in Law and is also a Freelance Writer.

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