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It’s Time To Bring Back Conservatism

Conservatism; what does that phrase mean to people? Markets, perhaps? Or does it mean; Crown, Church and Country? Being a conservative in the Conservative Party, at times, feels quite a lonely place. Putting your neck above the parapet and championing the old fashioned values of Toryism in the 21st Century, …

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Final say – House of Burkes

The Lords met again to debate the Article 50 bill. The day was dominated by two Liberal Democrat amendments. The scene was set for entertainment and drama. The ultimate decision would be if the people or parliament should have the final say. One amendment passed, one failed. Elsewhere, it was fun …

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What is the Burkean conservative ideology?

Many people have asked me, increasingly more so recently, what I mean when I say I am a “Burkean conservative”. Some are aware of the statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke – the namesake of this term – some are not. I admit, it’s not a term you see used that …

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