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Better Education Hinges On Confronting Competency-Based Learning

At last month’s Foundation for Education Development summit, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson revealed the government’s latest education agenda. While this roadmap to improve British schools and universities in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic envisaged germane proposals  to many issues, ranging from the £2.5-billion National Skills Fund to fund vocational …

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It’s Time To Bring Back Conservatism

Conservatism; what does that phrase mean to people? Markets, perhaps? Or does it mean; Crown, Church and Country? Being a conservative in the Conservative Party, at times, feels quite a lonely place. Putting your neck above the parapet and championing the old fashioned values of Toryism in the 21st Century, …

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Thoughts on the Summer Budget- A Proper Property Owning Democracy with a bit too much tinkering

There was a lot to take in after the Chancellor delivered the first Conservative-only budget in 19 years. Overall I think it was good budget but it could have been better. Therefore, I will list the most positive and most negative take-a-ways from the budget. Positive: 1. Getting people off …

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How do you solve a problem like an unemployed youth?

Recently, there has been good news reported on youth unemployment in the UK. According to the ONS youth unemployment in the first half of the year has fallen approximately 43,000 to 950,000. Is this improvement? Yes. Is this a good number? No. Approximately 15% of Britons between the ages of …

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