Tuesday , May 28 2024

Robin Popley

Robin Popley is the Chairman of The Britannia Alliance. He is a History Graduate who works in Law and is also a Freelance Writer.

Britannia Alliance’s Christmas Message

As a Christian, Christmas remains one of the most special times of year to me. A chance to rekindle my relationship with Christ and honour the anniversary of his lowly but holy birth. Millions of other Christians elsewhere in the United Kingdom will also be commemorating this event by attending …

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It’s Time To Bring Back Conservatism

Conservatism; what does that phrase mean to people? Markets, perhaps? Or does it mean; Crown, Church and Country? Being a conservative in the Conservative Party, at times, feels quite a lonely place. Putting your neck above the parapet and championing the old fashioned values of Toryism in the 21st Century, …

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