Sunday , May 19 2024

Britannia Alliance’s Christmas Message

As a Christian, Christmas remains one of the most special times of year to me. A chance to rekindle my relationship with Christ and honour the anniversary of his lowly but holy birth.

Millions of other Christians elsewhere in the United Kingdom will also be commemorating this event by attending services throughout Christmas, giving thanks for God’s greatest gift.

The wonder of Christmas is that it allows us to also remember what is truly important in this world. Family and Friendship would always come high on the list of priorities and time spent with loved ones is always magical. Add to this the bonus of a trip from Father Christmas and the joy written all over children’s faces is enough to put a smile onto even the most Scrooge-like demeanour. It may sound cliche, but Christmas really is for children, both Young & Old.

Sadly, it is not always a time of merriment for many and my heart goes out to those who are less fortunate at this time of year. Potentially it is the first Christmas without a loved one or, perhaps, they are living in solitude, homeless or alone. It is for us to take up Christ’s message of love and kindness and be that outstretched hand in their time of need. Whilst it remains the case we cannot help everyone, if we can but touch one life for the better, that in itself will be merit enough and is a sure sign we are on the right path. We need more good in society.

Finally, I’d like to give all of our members and my committee a huge debt of gratitude for this year. We are still in our infancy as a movement, truly, but we are making inroads at a rapid speed and if we can keep on building up consensus around a Traditional Tory message in the months and years to come – there’s still time to restore some sentiment of Toryism in the UK.

That is definitely a Seasonal wish worth making, I hope you’ll agree.

All that remains for me to say is I wish you all a blessèd Christmas and a Happy New Year.

God Save The Queen.


About Robin Popley

Robin Popley is the Chairman of The Britannia Alliance. He is a History Graduate who works in Law and is also a Freelance Writer.

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