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Is the political battle now the Nation vs the Media?

Objective measures show that the UK is very much less racist than either the USA or EU.  Yet the UK Media ignored this and elided the US Black Lives Matter protests into UK politics.

It is 200 years since the UK abolished slavery but only 100 years since the Jim Crow laws in the USA and only 55 years since these were abolished.  Yet the UK Media treats the US as an extension of the UK.

There are two commercial reasons for this seamless joining of the UK and USA.  The first is that BBC World sees the USA as its prime market in the future.  The second is that the BBC has merged its Global and national news teams.  The rest of the UK Broadcast Media takes the BBC as the standard for reporting.

The other reason for the UK coverage is that racism/ant-racism is the chosen dialectical battleground of Postmarxism.  This may sound esoteric but Postmarxism is the modern political philosophy of the Left.  It has been so successful in the Media that almost all Media presenters and reporters are Postmarxist.

The racist/anti-racist tactic was developed by Postmodern philosophers in the latter half of the 20th century and is central to Postmodernism and Poststructuralism.  Postmodernism is taught in the Humanities as if it is the only truth and Literary Criticism and Journalism courses use Poststructuralism as the gospel for the modern author.  Postmodernism/poststructuralism underpins Postmarxism.  Our universities openly teach students to be Postmarxist.

The latest move by Black Lives Matter protestors in the UK was to damage the statue of Nancy Astor who, in 1919, was the first woman to take a seat in Parliament.  She had a record of Anti-Nazism (See Plymouth Herald).

The Media reaction was to report this as protestors defacing the statue because Astor was racist and anti-semitic.  The Media did not put Nancy Astor in context . The UK Media are stoking the flames of public disorder.  Why?

You may have supported Remain in the UK Referendum but if you are in favour of an unbiased media you should be worried that according to Rod Liddle an internal survey by the BBC showed 93% support for Remain among its staff.  John Humphrys, who supported Remain, also reported that the BBC was entirely anti-Brexit.  Supporting Remain has now morphed into opposition to Nation States.  If you support the well being of a locality this makes you racist. This should worry all of us.

Only those who are mobile and do not rely on local schools and hospitals, local friends and relations, local services and employment, could possibly believe that supporting your locality is racist.  Only those who, like most BBC presenters and reporters, went to private school, have private health insurance and work for corporations with overseas opportunities, could possibly believe that supporting your locality is racist.

It is strange that the UK Media never discusses Internationalism and Global Government. It regularly attacks the idea of the Nation State but leaves Global Government unexamined as a sort of utopia just waiting for us to enjoy if we can only overthrow the chains of nationhood.  It never points out that much of the world is National Socialist Chinese or sympathises with the National Socialist Chinese system.  These countries are unlikely to accept Global Government and if they did it would be a nightmare on the Chinese model with absolute control of the individual.

The BBC Charter has been changed massively in recent years and where it once charged our National Broadcaster with supporting Britain it now does little more than charge it with being unbiased and putting news in context to inform the people.  The BBC fails to even observe the requirement to be unbiased.  The BBC is overseen by Ofcom and Ofcom is an organisation that is an utter failure at overseeing anything.  The Charter must be amended, the BBC staff must be changed to be more representative and Ofcom must be relieved of its role enforcing the Charter.

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