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If MPs overturn the referendum on 13th March…

The EU Referendum was a straight fight between being prepared to accept the risks of “Project Fear” so that the UK could be independent and not being prepared to accept the risks of “Project Fear” .

The Leave vote in the Referendum was a vote to accept the risk of Project Fear.  It sanctioned leaving with no deal if necessary.  MPs voting against No Deal are simply MPs voting to overturn the Referendum result. See Banning No Deal is Banning Brexit.

MPs having overturned the Referendum on 13th March 2019 what do we do?

Our most important action should be a Vote Strike.  Having been betrayed by MPs we must never vote for them again (*).  A betrayal on such a scale cannot be rewarded with our vote.  We can vote for anyone else or we may not vote at all but we must never vote for them again.

If we use our vote to support MPs who overturned the Referendum we are approving the idea that betrayal is acceptable. MPs who will betray the electorate on such an important issue will routinely betray them whenever it suits them.  It is pointless voting for them because they are liars.  If we vote for them we will be sealing the death of representative democracy in the UK.  We will be approving treachery.

We may have always had a feeling that MPs were liars but we cannot openly support them in their evil.  We must make it crystal clear that lying simply to get our votes can never be tolerated.

Remember, they spent almost 3 years wasting our time, promising that they would implement the Referendum when they had no intention of doing so because they were always cowed by Project Fear and so backed Remain.  Labour, Tory and Lib-Dem all promised to implement the Referendum result before the Referendum.  They even had an election in 2017 in which Tories and Labour promised to implement the Referendum.  They simply lied to get our vote, we must never ever give it to them again.

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  1. Simon Neville

    Public opinion has now turned heavily against Brexit. This opinion grows stronger every day. The public have already overturned the result of the referendum (which, *had* it been binding, would have been annulled for being so tainted as it is with serious criminality). In so far as MPs oppose Brexit, they are respecting the will of the people.