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Build Back Worse: the Madness of In Crowds

Back in 2016, prior to the EU Referendum, I wrote of my admiration for Boris Johnson for being, like Churchill, willing to stand up to the group think views of his own class and back Brexit. He stood up against a ruling class that I described as:

“People who went to school together in the West, whether they attended the Ivy League, Oxbridge, or the Sorbonne all follow certain orthodoxies that they by and large subscribe to. There are certain orthodoxies that they advertise, such as a will to fight climate change or support for gay rights, that I would compare to a bejeweled cross worn above breasts pushed up by a corset during the Tudor era. The point of that cross is really to draw attention to the woman with the breasts- it’s “virtue signalling.” The true orthodoxies of the courts of the nobility of the 21st century are big banks, big business, and most importantly, big government.”

Unfortunately, in 2020 as Prime Minister, he has surrendered to his class and is now as loyal to it as a Medici bishop with children.

Many people are rightly outraged by Boris Johnson’s surrender to globalist group think orthodoxy. After all, not only has he wrecked the economy and people’s livelihoods with multiple mad rounds of lockdowns (which don’t work) for a disease that kills less than 1% of its victims and the average age of mortality exceeds that of your average Briton’s life expectancy. No, he has also decided, without democratic consent, to “build back better” with an eye wateringly expensive ten point plan to raise your taxes, ban your cars, make you unable to afford your energy bills and plunge a nation reeling with national debt over 100% of GDP to be even more indebted. The advantage of this plan? Supposedly, some of you who have lost your businesses and livelihoods, because the government forced you to, can run around ripping people’s heaters out of there homes and replace them with more expensive ones. These brilliant “green” jobs will be funded by the taxpayer and last for a couple years that involves you being moved from granny’s house to granny’s house on *carbon free* taxpayer funded bus while wearing a mask all day. All this for a nation that makes up less than 1% of green house emissions. This plan would be hilarious or diabolical if it wasn’t so insane.

Unfortunately, what Boris is doing – on lockdowns and the “green industrial revolution” – is simply doing what the political leaders of the western world are pretty much all doing. He is simply being a good boy. “Build Back Better” and the need to “reset” are not unique to Britain. “The Great Reset” is a plan of the World Economic Forum (read about the plan here and watch the video here) and “Build Back Better” is not only Boris’ “Conservatives” plans but that of US President-Elect Joe Biden and Canada’s Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau and is from, you guessed it, the World Economic Forum. From early on in the pandemic –  at least April of 2020– the World Economic Forum has called for “Building Back Better”  by a “longer-term economic stimulus to be screened through the lens of climate and resilience to ensure that government spending and policies accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy.” They further state that: “there should be a focus on measures that contribute to reducing emissions, ensuring clean air” and that “these stimulus packages should incentivize the rapid deployment of existing climate solutions and spur the development and demonstration of zero-carbon technologies to accelerate the growth of an inclusive, resilient net-zero carbon economy by 2050 at the latest.” In other words, the British government, along with governments throughout the western world, are simply following the blue print that has been previously decided for them. The Green Industrial Revolution isn’t Boris’s idea – it is something that has already been agreed at a global level – here is the website of the “Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution” with the World Economic Forum.

With that being said, I don’t see the world as run by a shadowy cabal that forces its will on the world. What is the World Economic Forum? It’s the “Davos Man” – basically a club of the world’s elite in business, media and politics that meets, openly, in Davos and other places to come up with solutions to the world’s issues. (They literally have a Davos Manifesto). It’s not a secret and the world’s leaders should work together to combat pressing problems. The problem is not that they are working together but that they all think the same and their solutions are daft and destructive.

The problem with the Davos elite, like all Utopians, is that they: 1) don’t take human nature and inconvenient facts into account when making their plans and 2) being humans they make themselves better off while not particularly caring how the sausage gets made to get the world they want. Consider the simple issue of working and living. Davos man can and does work anywhere in the world from the comfort of their home(s). They don’t need offices and their friends (generally) don’t live in their community. Furthermore, they attend only the finest restaurants. Thus, they don’t need to worry about the same issues that manual workers do of having to work in a particular place and having to worry about not being able to have a job if that place is closed. Davos man doesn’t have to worry about if the local pub closes because he wouldn’t go there and finds the people in the pub repulsive and smelly anyway. Davos man doesn’t have to worry about paying for a new water heater or brand new Tesla because he can afford both and doesn’t even look at his energy bill on a given month – if ever. Davos man can makes flights more expensive in the name of saving the earth because he has a private jet and/or can afford expensive first class commercial flights. If that means a pleb can’t see their relative or go on holiday that’s too bad, the earth is being saved and his company, who has the government contracts and can afford the regulations, is making massive profit. And so on and so on.

What is further particularly maddening about the western elite is how incredibly hysterical and inept they are. China and India aren’t going net zero (even if they wink and say they are) – in fact, while western nations move to ban petrol cars by 2030, China is planning to build hundreds of new coals plants to go with the hundreds of coal plants they already have by 2030. (Also, while the UK has spent years debating an extra airport runway India is building 100 airports in 5 years). China and India are interested in the wealth and strength of their people and regimes. In contrast, as Brent Cameron pointed out in a brilliant piece earlier this year, since the Cold War the West has gone from world dominant to being under self-imposed house arrest. Yes, there have been some exceptions. Britain bravely voted for Brexit (multiple times fighting the elite tooth and nail), the US under Donald Trump had an economic revitalization by slashing regulations and taxes (for instance US household incomes in 2018 increased more than the previous twenty years combined) and CANZUK remains a future possibility. But overall, the story of the West in the post-Cold War era can be characterized by viewing the European Union – anemic flat economic growth, overburdensome regulations, consolidating corporate power at the expense of small businesses, ever increasing debt, and moving from crisis to crisis – being it the Middle Eastern wars, refugee immigration crises, financial crises, or pandemic crises.

The year is 2050. UN Secretary General Jacinda Arden meets with EU President Greta Thunberg and US President Hunter Biden while the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of England and Wales (Scotland and Northern Ireland having left and the Union flag now being a green flag that says NHS on it) Carrie Symonds looks on as an observer. The topic is how to combat climate change – the temperature having risen on average 0.001 degrees since the Glasgow 2021 climate summit.  (Apocalyptic climate change predictions have been hilariously wrong for decades – taking away from actual solutions to a real issue). The leaders discuss whether to impose climate lock down all seven days of the week or keep the weekends as “human rights days” as currently stands. US, UK and EU GDP national debt stands at 400% of GDP and there has been largely no economic growth in 30 years. Meanwhile China, who just has built there one millionth coal plant across their empire (which spans across the globe), has demanded that the West accept the hard line position of permanent lockdown. What do you think Biden, Boris and the Davos man would do in that position?

The fact is you and I know the answer to what they would do. They would choose permanent lockdown. We know that because on the course we are on, any new normal will be accepted if the group think of the elite think that way.  We need leaders that think originally. I had hoped that would be Boris – but a tough year of near death, a new baby, and whatever else reason has made him submit to the point of locking himself up in his home when he is not sick when told to. If the western world don’t get new leadership – and fast – our leaders’ fashionable group think will lead us into the abyss for good.


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Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.

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  1. Don’t worry, it is not going to be like that. We will keep petrol cars. From 19 februari on until necessary, the farmers of Holland are going to Den Hague and they are not leaving before they have black on white that the warming of the klimate is nonsense, that the stikstofproblem is also nonsense, that there never was a pandemic and the pcr-tests not reliable. That Covid 19, Corona is less dangerous than the flew. The lockdowns, distance and mouthkaps have to stop immediately.
    The outroll of the 5g have to stop because of health of people and animals. People have to be informed thatthe vaccin Oxford Astrenica is a medical experiment.
    To keep the Euro, the UK has to come back in the EU. We don’t want Chinese coins. With the whole EU we are going to sue the WHO for spreading fear about Corona.
    Also we have to get out from microsoft and build our own computer.
    After Holland, Germany will follow, brother France and the rest. But it was a disaster that the UK left the EU. Our ennemies say that it was good, because they want to divide us. We can still keep our own social security systems and pensions, what each country likes. But no 5g in the whole of Europe because that would destroy human life.